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Dark video in games/video media


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Looking for things to check with this problem.


Since building my newest PC I've had a problem with brightness in games and video files. The desktop and applications look great but video files and games are very dark. It's so bad I've actually burned videos to DVD just so I could watch them in normal contrast on my TV.


So far I've corrected the problem in games by upping the gamma or brightness settings within the game menus. I can't watch videos at all (no matter what the format).


I don't think it's a video card issue as apps look perfect. I'm trying newer drivers now (the vid card is a nVidia FX5900).

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Good question...I should have mentioned my monitor is a CRT. I've played around with the monitor settings but didn't get desirable results.


My LCD has monitor profile that lightens up all desktop applications, but games don't seem to use my monitor profile.


Interesting that games don't use your monitor profile. I wonder why? Is that issue related to mine? What about watching videos? Does your monitor profile work on them?

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