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Any PR People?


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I'm writing a press release for a local charity event and seem to be running into a brick wall when trying to find the proper distribution channels. The charity organization I'm working with has been helpful to a point. They have provided me with a handful of smaller local press contacts (by contacts I mean the proper fax #, email, or address that specific media outlet requires press releases be sent).


I've tried calling a couple radio stations and television stations but haven't had much success obtaining info on their PR requirements. Anyone know of an online resource for PR contacts in the media? Any other tips would be appreciated as well.

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The chain of video game stores I work for are teaming up with the Make-A-Wish foundation. We're allowing people to donate $1 to play a specific time trial track in Project Gotham 2. Everyone who plays gets a chance to win an autographed Rams football and other prizes. The people with the best times will be invited to compete in a final tournament where the winner gets a console of his choice.


I'm hoping to get it to local radio & television stations as well as the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

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