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Damn...turned 37 today.


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I realize that 37 isn't exactly ready for the cemetary but, damn.....parents were right: time flys faster and faster the older you get. :?


Just turned 30 last year, or so it seems!!!!


Three more to go 'till (drum roll) 40!!!! :thud: Any of you old school gamers here hit 40 yet?


Cool thing about getting older though, is that I'm not longer the skinny scrawny guy I was up until about 29/30. I'm about 6'1", and I weighed in at a measly 165lbs from 10th grade until around 30 years old. Since then, the late teen, early 20's metabolism shut down and I was able to pack on about 60lbs of muscle. Working out actually get me results at this stage in the game, as opposed to before!!! :tu:


Always a good thing. 8)


Anyhoo...happy b-day to me! :Rock:


Oh, if anyones feeling extra giving, since it's my b-day and all, I'd like to have an SVS B4 plus! B4 Plus


Thank you very much in advance!!!!! :lmfao:

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