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Champions : Return to Arms to be announced at E3


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For those Champions of Norath fans out there, the new Sequal Champions: Return to Arms is going to be announced at E3 and will once again feature online play. I still havent got to play much of the first one, hopefully by the time the 2nd one comes out :-)



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New interview with the developers on IGN. Some very cool stuff is discussed including further framerate optimizations for the sequel and news on what we'll see in the online arena:




IGN: So what were the big problems with Champions of Norrath that you really wanted to fix this time around?


CW: We really wanted to optimize the engine. In the first game we had some framerate problems and we really wanted to address those. I mean, the game looks amazing. We've always been really pleased with the quality of art and the gameplay. But once you have framerate problems it really doesn't matter if the game looks photorealistic because the reviews will be bad and everybody's just not going to be happy. So we went back to the drawing board and did some optimizations in that field.


The other major area that we wanted to change was the online component. It was kind of an afterthought the first time around. We wanted to have it in there, but we didn't really have the time to do it the way we wanted so in this one we went ahead and redesigned the entire lobby. We added friends' lists, added different chat rooms and basically it's our effort to make it the online lobby that should've been there in the first title. So now players can get on really easily and we have server side saves for characters to prevent cheating. That was one of the complaints we had from the first title because players would get online and others who had used Gamesharks and things like that had amazing amounts of money and armor and it just wasn't fun.


IGN: Is there anything that you're doing this time to deal with lag that might be brought on by someone with a slower connection?


CW: You still run into issues here and there with people who might have service problems and one of the things that's new to Return to Arms is host migration. If you're playing a four-player game and the host drops, then it will just move to one of the other players and everyone else can continue to play.

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Came across a nice 14 minute walkthrough of the game on a site called Game Plasma. They recently got a chance to play a near final build of the game. You can take a look at the video here:


Return to Arms 14 minute walkthrough


Really looking forward to hopping online again for Return to Arms. I plan to start a brand new character (an Iksar) to play with. The video makes it seem as though some of the minor framerate issues of the previous game were resolved as well. Only a week to go. :D

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Just submit Glen, you know you want to. :) I have my copied preordered, should be getting the ever cheesy Babes of Norrath calender with it.


Still haven't figured out what to do for networking as my PS2 is in a different room from my Xbox and PC now. I'm down to one of the Netlink Wireless adapters or that new Logitech wireless link. Probably just cut a piece of cat 5 for the time being, but I do need something better than that eventually.

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