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Shining Force returns.

Romier S

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Taking a look at this site:


Shining Force vid capture


You can see three distinct Shining Force titles. RPGfan has apparently confirmed the announcement here:


More Shining Force


Strategy RPG fans rejoice! No word on the development team (or if Camelot is involved) but its the first game announcement out of Sega I've been excited about in the last year. (besides the fake PD Genos video which still hurts deeply;) )

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Shizzle, this is great news! My friend and I played thru either part 1 or part 2 on the Genesis back in the day. And I remember playing thru Shining in the Darkness as well, even though that was a completely different format of game.


I wanted to play the Sega CD version, but I don't recall if I ever did, I just remember a friend of mine had it and I borrowed it, whether I played it or not is something else entirely. Who had time for Shining on Sega CD when there was Sewer Shark to play?

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