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Mac-owning Tapwave Zodiac owners

Robot Monkey

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Here's a review for a product called Missing Sync, designed specifically for Mac-owning Zodiac users. Or Zodiac-using Mac owners.


In addition to iLife sync features and some other things, it does some stuff with games:


Originally posted by The Gadgeteer

One of the advertised Missing Sync for Zodiac features is its Game Installer, which is a program that makes installing games on your Zodiac easy - particularly games made by tunnel-vision software companies that only provide Windows installers for their software ...


Also worth mentioning is that Missing Sync for Zodiac comes with a conduit for HotSync Manager that lets you upload high score information from Zodiac games that support the feature. This is a parallel to similar functionality on the Windows platform.



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Talk about a niche market!!



I guess I'm a double niche there.


While it's great to see Mac compatibility for the Zodiac it's really sad Mac users have to pay an extra $40 to get it. This is software that should come bundled with every Zodiac sold to a Mac user. Tapwave should take the hit on this one.

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