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ToCA Championship

Sam P

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I'm gonna get LCVG's first TOCA competition set up. Here are some details:


Each season will be comprised of one car type, using the in-game points system and all tracks available for that type. Collisions on full, no car setups (for now). Grid order will be random for first race, and determined by last results all races thereafter.


In keeping with the game's nature, expect longer races (about 6 laps +).


I haven't decided which type to run first, but here are the ones that will be included (depending on how many seasons we play): SEAT Leons, Formula Fords, DTM, Global GTs, V8 SuperCars, Supercar series, Street Series. I would like to stick to tarmac racing, so no rally cars or Land Rovers.


Positions after each season will be added to your running total and top finishers will have a final season of their own (Master cars, perhaps).


I think we'll be able to get everyone in the same room, so that'll make things easier.


More details shortly.


Join up, fellas.


Updates (check this post for new info.)


So far, we have the following on the grid.


Sam P




Manic DBB



DrunkOM (Probably)



Tentatively, it also seems like people like Sunday afternoons for racing.

Season I


Series: Formula Fords

Tracks: All

Laps: 6 for each track.




1. Sam P (75 pts)

2. Cyberwoo (65 pts)

3. Covak (56 pts)

4. FreakTornado (54 pts)

5. Baiter (46 pts)

6. Odie (44 pts)

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I think scheduling will be pretty easy. I doubt we'll have a grid bigger than 12 so Kevin (thanks for volunteering) should be able to handle that just fine. Unlike what was done in PGR2, I prefer to do more laps on less tracks versus more tracks and only 3 lap races. It's much easier to practice for that and it's just better racing.


So I think each season can be done in one night. Shouldn't take too long.


Are weekend evenings usually good for everybody?

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I'm in. Sunday afternoon/evenings are great for me and this seems to be a popular time for LCVG XBL gaming lately. Why dont we shoot for that day. I really hate devoting a Friday or Saturday to video games. Just too much other stuff going on. I just dumped another hour into Toca single player (I'm 45% complete now) so hopefully I can do some more and unlock most of the car classes. The more I play the game the more I like it. Really starting to get a feel for these cars. I was tearing up the DTM class. That Audi is sweeeet. Perfect combination of grip/slide.

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Originally posted by merlot@May 3 2004, 11:55 AM

I can't do Sunday afternoons. Evenings are the best for me. Count me out if Sunday afternoons stick.

I'm hoping Sunday afternoons is actually early evening for us east coasters?

I expect to be on the boat most sunday afternoons and I haven't gotten the broadband installed yet, maybe next year. :lol:

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Originally posted by merlot@May 3 2004, 06:49 PM

No can do this Sat. Golf outing than T&A (gotta love the all day bachelor party). The following week I'll be in Vegas, so I guess maybe I should just skip this.

Same schedule here. :twisted:

I'm looking forward to AC one week and Vegas the next, 6,8, or 5. :tu:

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