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Yes, it's got a really bad name and coming out of left field to challenge Nintendo never seems to work out....but it's got some power and a retail deal with Toys R Us (UK).


Win CE based (I thought "WinCE" had died in favor of PocketPC...is PocketPC only used when PDA functions are present?), 400 mhz processor, camera, bluetooth, GPS, cold beer, and more!



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Well, tapwave has already called it quits, and gizmondo doesn't look too far behind according to this report from 1up.com.


Gizmondo's Troubled North American Launch

"What the f***'s going on?"

by Jane Pinckard, 08/03/2005


Last fall Florida-based Tiger Telematics had a huge party to launch a new handheld, the Gizmondo, in the UK. Sting, Jamiroquai, Busta Rhymes, and others were in attendance, prompting one skeptical party-goer to comment, "What the f***'s going on? This must have cost millions. What the hell is Sting doing on stage?"


But that night Gizmondo was flying high. Tiger Telematics' CEO, Michael Carrender, optimistically promised "great content in the pipeline" and noted, "The handheld entertainment sector is an enormously exciting place to be right now, and we are delighted to be part of the revolution that it is undergoing."


But with the reputed North American launch date fast approaching (August 11 is the last we heard), and not a peep out of the Gizmondo marketing group which was once notorious for blasting out the press releases, we have to ask, where is the revolution now?


Perhaps they blew all their marketing money on the Regent Street launch party, because a call to their former PR firm confirmed that Gizmondo was no longer a client. Why? Failure to pay the bills. A UK source also tells us that staff at the flagship store in London was scaled down this week due, no doubt, to extremely low sales.


A North American launch, at this date, seems seriously in doubt, although EBGames still lists the console, pushing back the release date to September 20.


In July, Tiger Telematics announced that the European-based office would be "streamlined" in preparation for the opening of an office in Los Angeles, California. However, the most recent SEC filing dated July fifth mentions no new lease agreement for office space in California. The filing does, however, post an unaudited operating loss of nearly 17.9 million dollars for 2004.


Phone calls to Tiger Telematics were not returned.


Stay tuned to 1UP.com as we track down what exactly is going to happen to this much-hyped handheld console.


Darren Gladstone, Senior Editor at Computer Gaming World, contributed to this report.


Never a good sign when they don't return phone calls.

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