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Xenon (Xbox 2) Block Diagram


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More info on the leaked schematic @ IGN


"Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation" -- but Microsoft's legal department requested that IGN does not reprint the schematic on its websites. While most signs suggest that the document is authentic and of high importance, note that it is also possible the leaked blueprint is an older document never meant for the public eye and that the current architecture of Xbox 2 is quite different.


Hmmmmmmmm.... Three 3.5 GHz CPU's probably wouldn't have problem emulating the current Xbox :)

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I'm wondering about the 3.5+ ghz processors. The X2 is supposedly using a varient the next in the PPC 970 family, right? The dual core PPC 980. The 970 doesn't scale to high mhz numbers all that well and is currently toped off at 2 ghz in a relatively expensive chip.


Assume they release Q4 2005. Is it really feasable for three 3.5ghz PowerPC 980 CPUs to reside in a $300 game box? Will 3.5ghz PPC980 CPUs even be available then?

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