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Your weekly online gaming sessions

Robot Monkey

How many online gaming sessions per week?  

  1. 1. How many online gaming sessions per week?

    • None, I don't play games online
    • 1-2 per week
    • 3-5 per week
    • 5-10 per week
    • I have a problem

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It depends on what game is out, and when other people are around. The games I've played the most online have been Wolfenstein on the Xbox, PSO on the Dreamcast and Xbox, and Socom on the PS2. I like playing Splinter Cell, but haven't found the time to play much of that as of late.


Halo 2 will boost my average, I'm sure.

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Don't go on as much as I'd like due to my work hours (3pm-11pm, Fri-Tue). It's funny tho because I've picked up more Live games than I thought I ever would based on what the LCVGers are getting, yet haven't been able to play. :(


Have yet to play ESPN Baseball, Top Spin, Trivial Pursuit or Toca on Live while I've only played SC:PT and Carve once or twice on Live. I do manage to play R63 on occasion with my brother (who has worse work hours than I do) so that's where my 1-2 per week comes from. But I do miss playing R63 with you guys ever since it's been moved to "Fry-day Night". :bang:

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