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Atari Paddle TV Games

Kain rising

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As a sister topic to the Commodore 64 one, I thought this was pretty cool for a TV Games set.




It's got

Breakout, Canyon Bomber, Casino, Circus Atari,Demons to Diamonds, Night Driver, Steeplechase, Street Racer, Super Breakout, Warlords, Warlords Arcade, Video Olympics, Arcade Pong and Pong


I especially like that it comes in a two player version.

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Now this is pretty damn cool! Circus Atari, one of my all time favorite games! Simple yet addicting.


I've been playing a whole lot of WarioWare lately on my Gameboy, and I've really grown an new appreciation for the super addictive nature of classic-yet-simple games, like thoses of the old Atari days and those reborn in the form of WarioWare. These paddle games were some of my favorite classic-simple games, especially two player. :tu:

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If only they'd put in Activision's Kaboom!...


It's really too bad they didn't license it...we'll never see an Activision paddle set, as the rest of their games use joysticks.


The guys at Digital Eclipse have worked hard on these to maintain their accuracy and Jeff Vavasour has stated that Arcade Warlords is "is nearly running the original arcade machine code".

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Finally got the 2 paddle version of this.


It was worth it to finally expose my kids to Pong the way it was meant to be played. They lasted about 2 minutes before sheer boredom set in and they wanted to move on to something else. The quote of the night came from my 9 yr old, Joshua. "Dad, why do you keep calling it a ball when it's square!"


Breakout and super-breakout are fantastic. Playing Super Breakout on "progressive" brought back a flood of memories for me. It's way cool how they show the little matrix on screen with all the game types and options. and make you pretend to flip the switches to choose your game variation.



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