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Anyone else like those crazy German board games?


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Ahh, BSW, how I love thee.


If you don't have it yet, Covak, you're better off downloading the client version versus using the homepage, you have more options and can switch the language over to english.


You can get a link to the client from the English 'how to use BSW' site: http://www.brettspielwelt.info if I'm not mistaken. Hmm, well, looks like they've updated the main page lately, so I may be wrong on that one :).


I'm biiiiiiiig into the boardgame scene these days, I have over 50 titles in my personal collection and I do a fair bit of online boardgaming too. The Settlers interface for BSW is not the most user-friendly I've seen, but yep, gets the job done.


Carcassonne is a great game, especially if you use the first expansion. I play that frequently with a friend of mine, ditto Lost Cities, which is an excellent two player card game.


I'm busy as hell trying to graduate right now, but in a week or so I should be able to spare some time for some gaming ;). Other good titles on there are Attika, Sticheln, TransAmerica, and Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico I haven't played online, but it's one of the finest board game experiences ever. I know a few other titles by reputation only, but haven't been able to get a game in yet :).


Edit: This post is poorly grammatical due to studyness.

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