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Travelling next week...need a new game


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I'll be going to Vegas May 15th :tu:


Aside from getting trashed up in 1st class (thx to my buddies frequent flyer miles), I'm gonna pick up Tiger Woods golf. The multiplayer is nice since you only need one GBA... just hand it to the next player for their turn.


Also, for short attention spans, you can't beat Konami Arcade.

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Do you really need anything new though. Everytime I've flown, and its been alot, I really only ever needed one game....




Although Tiger woods is a great idea.


As for Merlot getting first class...since he's heading out there for my wedding, I think he should concede his first class ticket to me...Don't you all agree!!!!!! :D


Ahh never mind I'll just think of him being back at work when I'm on the beach in Hawaii the following week!!! :twisted:

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Yeah I have wario ware...its fun but need something new. Its about a 3 hour plane ride. My brother is getting married so I put together a trip with some other folks and we are all meeting for the weekend. Anyone have baldurs gate dark alliance? Or what about TMNT?

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Originally posted by Carlucci@Apr 29 2004, 12:37 PM

If you like Tetris, and if you didn't play it when it came out many moons ago, I highly recommend Pokemon Puzzle Challenge It's only a GBC game, so you'll probably have to find it used at a Gamestop or EB Games.


If there's a more addictive game out there, I haven't met it!




This man speaks truth! Though I never played it as Pokemon Puzzle Challenge I was feverishly addicted to its incarnation on the SNES as Tetris Attack.

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Originally posted by MrMike@Apr 29 2004, 02:51 PM

Anyone have baldurs gate dark alliance?

Baldur's gate was only OK on the GBA. IF you haven't played them yet, the Golden Sun games or Fire Emblem are much better, although much more of a serious RPG rather than the action adventure thing that Baldur's Gate has going.


What games do you currently have? Much easier to make recommendations with that info/

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I'm not looking for any serious rpg games. I have golden sun and it was ok...but I got bored with it. Got the metroid games, wario ware, mario and luigi superstar, hmmm...all the mario bros advanced carts. The castlevania carts. Hmmm...I can't think of what else but I know I have more.


I'm moving more and more away from the long playing rpg. I just don't have time. I never finished the castlevania games...maybe I'll just start over with them and not get a new game. Much cheaper :)

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