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Help? We are looking to get a new PC?


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My wife and I are not sure what to spend but we are looking for a (I think) Mid level PC.

Possibly a Dell. One that can handle uploading and editing of the videos from our new

Sony DC40 and possibly transfer them to DVD. We are expecting a little one in mid- September

and I would love to have all this video stuff ironed out by then.

That is the main reason for wanting this new rig, but if the same one can handle

some light gaming :) I suppose that could be a slight incentive as well..

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

The only reason I mentioned Dell was because it seems they offer the most

Bang for you Buck... But I am open for any other brand suggestions.




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I want to say $800-$1200. Maybe as high as $1500, but I would rather stay in the lower part if the difference in performance was not a real noticeable one. Though I am sure my wife has another idea completely...


But I can handle that I am sure.. ;)

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Well after looking through Sundays paper I felt that Circuit City had a nice Vaio Bundle on sale with a hand full of rebate offers.

So I wound up looking it up online and the price on their site had it listed at $50 cheaper then in the paper.

That was even more of an incentive for picking up this little puppy.

Its been an hour or two and I am happy so far. :D I think I made the right decision.


The bundle included:

  • Sony VAIO? Desktop PC with Intel? Pentium? 4 Processor 3GHz with Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Sony 17" Flat-Panel LCD Monitor (Black)
  • Lexmark Photo Inkjet Printer (which I am thinking of selling on Ebay)
    Package price after rebate(s) $1,274.97

Feel free to pass on any tips or advice.

What do you think was this a good deal? Be honest.. Will it handle most of today?s games?





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Great pick Howie with a good price to boot :D


As Kelley said, if you want to crank the resolution on the newer games a new video card will do wonders, but, with the 9200 you'll still be able to play, especially since you've got the power in all the other areas. My suggestion, is to hold off on upgrading for a couple of months and snag an ATI 9800 Pro when they're around $140.


But, as of right now, you've got the hardware to play City of Heroes, so go pick it up ;)

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I've got a VAIO, and it's been a pretty good PC. I did discover that the PSU is proprietary and not the standard ATX form factor. Which made it difficult to find a replacement when I needed one. Even though it was still under warranty, it would have been 2-3 weeks to get it repaired, so I found one on ebay :)


Other than that discovery, I'm pretty happy with it.

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One thing you might want to make sure of before your return period is up. Does it have an AGP slot? When I used to work at best buy not all the vaio's had agp slots for video cards. But overall they were nice machines with that one exception.

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