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Movies of Gaming Superplays


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Hey just getting a kick out of watching soem of the movies posted on this site and wanted to share it with you all. The site is: http://home.comcast.net/~arcthelad/


I downloaded the Half-Life video. Some guy running through the complete game in like 58 minutes. Its insane but really fun to watch. There are alot of older video game vids posted as well so I'm sure you will all find a game that you can identify with. I'm amazed that a) its humanly possible to do this and B) that a human would waste so much time learning the game just to do beat it so fast. :) Enjoy.

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The ones of the left side of the page (time attack) are heavilly edited to make it seem perfect. The speed runs are (supposedly) one continuous run and are not edited.


Are there any other speed runs of PC games out there? I really liked watching the Half-Life video since I am so familiar with the game. I played the single-player through several times.


I would love to see someone running through a sneaky game like Thief at full speed :)

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Those of you who liked the Metroid Prime speed run should check out the one for Super Metroid. Having just watched the first part, I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that this fellow makes Kraid his bitch.

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