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Day of Defeat


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DoD is a lot of fun. Its slower that counterstrike and more emphasis on team play. You die a whole lot easier also (and you die a lot). All based on WW2 weapons and environments. You respawn after 10 seconds or so when you die and the map just keeps going for 30 minutes or whatever they have it set to. Its mainly capture the flag, but there are some destroy the target maps.


There are also not as many cheaters as there are in CS, but they still exist.


I currently play a lot on where my ranking falls between 15 and 9. Its probably dropped though because I've had some really bad games and have picked the wrong side to play on over the last few days. I play as [NoCred] Zed. There were only 2 of us that were in NoCred, the other one doesn't really play anymore and I'm too lazy to change my name so its stuck.

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Oh. My. God. :shock:


Counter-Strike is dead! All hail DoD!


Yes, I finally got around to trying this out, and you want to talk about religious experiences? This game is flat-out awesome. It's a revelation, it blows me away, I want to waste the entire day right now playing it non-stop. It fixes so much stuff I never even realized was wrong with Counter-Strike.


This is amazing multiplayer. If you don't like CS, play this. If you do like CS, play this anyway, it's better :P. I can't give enough of a thumbs up to how much fun I had playing this today.


Raving lunatic! Raving lunatic!


If anybody wants to pick up DoD anytime soon, just give me a server!

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See the Counterstrike thread for my thoughts on DOD. Simply the best, most fun mod for Half Life. If anyone wants to get together to play, I'd be more than willing.


DoD is awesome and in no way deserves comparisons to CS, unless they have changed the game since I last played it.


It's the same game, it's just gotten better. I do miss some of the old maps from the earlier days, but that can be forgiven because many of the new maps are great, and the improvements made to the game cannot be understated enough. It has the best flag/point capture system of any game I've played, fun maps, good classes and the minimap they added since the last version that I played (it was probably added in 1.0) is amazing and really helps to promote teamplay.


I really can't understand that continued popularity of CS when this and Natural Selection (also a HL mod really worth checking out) are around. I guess it's just the old faithful that all the sheep continue to flock to. It's too bad it sucks.

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The mini-map is awesome, it makes newbies such as myself much less useless as I can now find my way around the map and hit objectives instead of wandering around like a dumbass. It took me about three rounds to figure out what I was doing and start shooting me some Nazis.


Very awesome. The capture system is good, forces teamwork. I've saved people's ass, they've saved mine, we've gone on to capture points, blah blah. This game has it ALL over CS, far as I'm concerned. It's pure awesomeness.

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