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Ebay is Dangerous


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I just bought a Dreamcast DreamEye, a digital camera/webcam combo pack that was released only in Japan. It's not a practical purchase, but it's a Dreamcast accessory I've wanted for a while. I need to get banned from ebay I think, it'll better for my wallet.


In the meantime, I got to get round to finishing off that DC collection... 150 & counting according to my IGN page...


Info/pics of the DreamEye

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Originally posted by dogbert@May 4 2004, 01:04 PM

I've been neglecting the Dreamcast, but fired it up last night for the first time in a few months.

I fired mine up this weekend as well. Played Sega Marine Fishing with the fishing controller, all from Ebay of course! :)

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The World's Greatest Garage Sale ;).


I love eBay. Back when I got my PSOne I tracked down a shitload of old titles on the cheap, including the beloved Resident Evils.


I've since bagged old board games, new games, what have you. Very impressed, really. I just grabbed a copy of Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets for bog cheap, pleased as punch.


Brian, how many games do you need? You must have a staggeringly huge collection built up by this point.

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I've got 152 DC games according to IGN, but that includes US ODM coverdisks... I really should just count 'em by hand as there's a few European & Japanese games not listed on IGN's collection system. Click on my "What I Play" link in my sig to see - it's not complete for the N64/PC, but the others are pretty correct.


There's 252 US releases I believe, about 10/15 Euro only releases, and obviously a bunch of Japanese ones.


How many do I "need"? 0 if you ask my wife ;) I'm not shooting for a complete US/UK set, though that'd be nice, as there's a lot of junk games I have little interest in buying. At this point the only time I pick up "crap" DC games is in a set with others & the price is good. I still have a good healthy amount of DC games I want to pick up. A mate in the UK just got me "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" which I've been wanting for a while - Euro only release of the quiz tie-in that will be fun with my wife.


I have far from a "staggeringly huge" collection. Trust me. Mine is small. Ignoring the big collectors online like on DigitPress, my mates in the UK who I trade with are much bigger collectors than me of DC stuff. No unreleased stuff, for example, no really "hard to find" hardware or LE Dreamcasts. I do have an early beta of Crazy Taxi which I like having. Used to have a bunch more Saturn & PSX stuff back in the day, they got sold 4 years ago when I moved to the US. Slowly building the Saturn games back up.

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