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Why the ZX Spectrum Rocked...


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To me, the best home gaming (pre-NES) was on the Atari 8bit and the C64. Tons of arcade and Activision ports, but also some of the best platforming ever with the likes of Bounty Bob Strikes Back (Miner 2049er sequel) and Jumpman Jr. MULE, Ballblazer, Alternate Reality...amazing stuff.


But I do have a lot of respect for the slightly less-powerful systems like the Speccy and the VIC...some great games, lots of fun.

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I like less powerful systems in general, actually, because the games were so graphically downtrodden that you saw more gameplay. Or, maybe I'm imaging that. But it felt like it, dammit.


MULE is one of my all-time favorite games. It's so perfectly amazingly simple, and incredible fun with other people. Dani Bunten was ahead of her time with her views on multiplayer.

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That song is bloody brilliant too.


I remember the first time a friend of mine on my street got a C64 and we used to go to see it.


His parents repeated that EXACT same line about homework and accounts and crap.


I think that lasted, what, a month? ;)

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You can get the mp3 off the creator's website too, that's where I d/l'd it ;).


The best part of that animation (besides nostalgia for the old days of gaming, not that I played any of those games) is when they show the person playing the Hobbit text adventure.


If you look closely you'll notice that the person is doing nothing but typing non-stop profanity. :green:


Who didn't do that?


EDIT: Whoops, that is the creator's site you linked, Brian. My bad, thought it wasn't. Brain fart :P

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