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Half-Life 2


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Here is a neat photo expose by a group of college students who recently got to visit Valve Software. They were allowed to take pictures of whatever they wanted. Just take a look at the test box art and t-shirts.


Click Me!


I hope they do some sort of super packaging.


Another neat thing they mention is that HL2 will ship with a "high res" texture set for a certain group of video cards......very interesting.

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Yeah but the biggest question of all still remains. When when when???

It wouldn't matter if they gave a date anyways, since no one would believe them since that "It'll definitely be out Sept. 30th fiasco".


But - at the ATI x800 launch or some thing promoting the x800 series of cards, Gabe Newell said Summer this year. Whenever it is, I'll be getting it.


In regards to the article you posted Kelley, it was very cool. I do hope we get some of those cool looking boxes and freebies when we order HL2. It'd also be cool to get a chance to go to one of these major development houses some time. I'd love to see some behind the scenes stuff on a game.

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