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Ray Lewis=cover of Madden


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A tip to parents with the last name Williams when naming your kids:


Do not name them Jason (or any spelling variant of Jason)!


Jayson Williams, formerly of the New Jersey Nets - Shot and killed a limo driver and tried to cover it up as a suicide. Convicted of the lesser charges.


Jason Williams, Chicago Bulls - Crashed his motorcycle into a pole. Still trying to recover from his injuries with his once promising NBA future in doubt.


Jason Willams, Memphis Grizzlies - Screamed racial slurs at fans. Suspended by the NBA for violating league drug policy. Despite incredible passing skills and court vision, still cannot see why pulling up for a three pointer on a fast break as a career .314 three point shooter is a bad play.

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Originally posted by JohnEBGood@May 10 2004, 03:02 PM

I hate to be negative, but I absolutely love it that Ray Lewis and T.O. are on the covers. I can't wait for them to go down. See ya.

I can't wait to see TO go down either... go down the field and leave defenders looking for their jockstraps as he trots into the endzone. :P

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Guest Bryan



He is damaged goods. He'll play like an all-pro for a while and then get 'disrespected' one way or another. That's when it will all start to unravel.

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Originally posted by Eldorado@Jun 3 2004, 03:18 PM

Do we really need a special edition of Madden? It seems the DVD "Special Edition" syndrome is creeping into games now. Seems a little ridiculus to me.



Guess Sony needs a special edition now that Xbox has Madden on LIVE ;)


But I'm still sticking w/ ESPN

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