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Not sure how to do this...


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Well, after 3 months of hair pulling due to repetitive dropouts from Xbox 'Live, I finally figured out that my firewall just doesn't like 'Live.


Even with the special port 4...which you can disable all firewall activity...running 'Live, it still would bump me offline after just a few minutes of play.


The only way for 'Live to work, for me, is to completely bypass the router. But, I want all my pc's protected. So, here's what I was thinking...


Come in from the wall, into my dsl modem, out of the modem and into a hub. From the hub, have one line going straight to the Xbox, the other line going into the router and, from there, to all my pc's.


Problem solved, right? :?


My question is, where do I need a crossover cable? Between the hub and the router? Between the modem and the hub?


Also, how will this setup work when it comes to assigning ip numbers? Right now, my router has dhcp and it assigns all the pc's behind it, their own ip number. Since the router is now going to be sending it's info upstream, through the hub, will the hub affect the ip number?


Does a hub have any effect on ip numbers?


Any help is really appreciated! :tu:

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The way you are describing it you will have two external IPs: One for the router and one for the Xbox. Since you'd be connecting the hub to the router via the WAN port the router will not do any communicating with the hub (or Xbox) at all so DHCP would not play a part there. The hub itself would not have its own IP but the Xbox would. If your ISP charges for extra IPs this could be a problem for you.


You won't need a crossover cable at all for this setup. A normal patch cable will do just fine for all connections.

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