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Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy - Gone Gold!

Chris F

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It looks like the game takes place right after Jedi Outcast. You create your own character, and train on Yavin 4 in the Massassi Temples with the rest of Lukes Jedis-in-Training.


It also looks like you can customize your force powers and saber types, like KOTOR!


It's all about saber battles baby!! Woohoo!

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Its Jedi Knight II on steroids which is a good thing. The engine still holds up well with all the special effects added though it can get a tad sluggish in some areas even on my high end machine. Changing resolutions caused some serious slowdown. I had to quit and reenter the game to recover the true FPS after changing resolution. Don't know if its a bug per se but a small nagging problem thats easily worked around.


Playing at 1280X1024, 32bit color, volumetric shadows, 4XAA and 2XAF. Looks really great and the lightsaber duals are just a blast. The story seems fairly interesting as well. Should make for a great online (PC and XBL) experience.

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Still playing around with this one, it's been a while since jedi knight 2, so far so good though, the ability to use the new sabers is cool, but I wish they would have added in some more moves for each saber type, the animations seem to repeat a lot, gameplay is pretty much the same so far, graphics are nice to look at, improvements have been made, need to play that second level a bit more :)

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I'll repost my reply from that thread as it may help my fellow LCVG'ers:


With the Quake III engine? I doubt that will solve anything here. Even if Raven tore the engine apart and heavily modified it 512mb of ram is plenty to run this title at a fair clip at 1024X768 Adam. I have a 3.06gig PIV with 768mb of ram along with a 9700pro and the performance is quite sluggish in some spots (especially on that Tatooine mission). However with some testing and reading from various sources I believe there is a work around. The problem apparently is with the the "glow" effect added to the lightsabers and other light sources. Could be a problem only relegated to ATI cards from what I've been reading but I have not heard or seen anyone do any real testing to make that statement true or false. (wish I still have my GF4 to test with). Whats even more strange is Jedi Outcast did not exhibit this issue at all.


In the video options you should find a "Dynamic Glow" option. Turn it off and test your FPS then Greg. Also if your on a 9800pro under your Open GL menu go into the compatibility settings and enable triple buffering (force it). Both options boosted FPS heavily in my case. The difference with glow on/off is minimal also PQ wise. Again this could be a driver issue (ATI has been having some Open GL driver problems lately such as 16bit textures being forced in Open GL games) though someone with an Nvidia card may want to test FPS with glow on and off to see results. You can use a program like FRAPS to to check FPS by the way guys.


If you find this is a driver issue after some testing please report it here (I already have just in case):


ATI driver feedback


Also if your looking for FRAPS to test FPS go here:



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A little OT, but just a thought...


Though I enjoy PC gaming, even more so when I have a nice machine like FutureVoid's, it's stuff like this that turns me off. Figeting with updates, fumbling with options and getting all the right drivers and still wondering if you're getting your money's worth of FPS speed.


I don't mind it when I have lots of time.


But between work and school, during the precious moments I have to play games I wanna just pop the disc in and go. Long live consoles! :D

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I'll probably pick up the PC version depending on what it takes to run the game. I only have a 1.5 Ghz P4. So we'll see...

I have what some would say is an out dated machine at AMD 1.33 768 ram and Geforce 3 and I could run the game at my normal resolution with all options on no problem. I didn't have any framerate issues that I could notice or have noticed with current games and demos that are coming out. I think iirc my resolution is 1280x1024 but I haven't been home to double check that.

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