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It seems so minor / trivial, but this has been the most cost effective upgrade I've done in years - a custom printed oversized mouse pad. Effectively acts as a cushion for my arms + hands, and it just

Love this!    

Well, Ryzen 9 3900x is installed, and my goodness the difference is huge with Flight Simulator 2020. I’ve gone from having to give everything a minute or so to settle after loading in with a mix of Lo

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My os is on an ssd. It is so fast. Just talking about it makes me smile. I imagine the 16 gb of ram helps too. It is almost a treat to do anything on my machine. Though my GPU is budget. I use my rig for video editing. I've only played TR and Fallout 3 on it and they looked fabulous to me. Though I wasn't anywhere near ultra settings.

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Buy a 970. Buy a 970. Buy a 970.


It's that simple. The Maxwell design is ridiculously more efficient than the Kepler chip from the 700 series, and even more so than anything AMD can offer. The 950 is a great low-budget card for light gaming if that's all you need, but it probably isn't. There is no 960 yet. The 980 is a lot more expensive than the 970 for not a huge amount more power. So 970 it is.

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This is the last thread I expected to be posting in, but never say never. I'm the owner of a gaming PC now! Here's what I got:

Corsair 350D case
Core i5 4690k CPU
EVGA SuperNoca 850 G5 power supply
16GB Crucial Ballistix DDR3 Ram
Gigabyte Z97MX Motherboard
EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB
Toshiba 3TB drive


Got the drivers for the T300RS FFB wheel up and running.


Then I installed Assetto Corsa, damn, now THAT's a sim. Going to take some serious dedication to learn to drive well. But the FFB is delightful, and VERY different from Driveclub. Graphically, it really doesn't hold a candle to DC. For sure they aren't bad, but graphics aren't really the main draw here.

I need to figure out how the mods work, I understand AC is highly moddable, and there is already a good number of them.


So what games should I check out?

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First mod I'd recommend for AC is the port of the Joux Plane stage from Richard Burns Rally:


There are a few other cool tracks out there, too; check the official forum. A load of cars, too, though I'm still learning the official ones myself.


Outside driving, I'll see what I've got I can gift you.

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Speaking of RBR, I've heard that plus mods is still the best rally experience on PC right now. Do you agree with that?

Yes it is.


Other great sim racers rFactor2 -arguably the best FFB of all sims but not the greatest graphically and Game Stock Car Extreme - my personal fav and the best for offline racing. rFactor is older but there's plenty of great mods out there - Historic GT and CART - 1990s Indy Racing!


Looking forward to Project Cars when it releases in March.


Congrats on the new system. I'm looking to upgrade from a GTX670 2GB to a GTX970 4GB by month end. 8)


Current Specs:


CPU - I5 - 2500K OC to 42HZ


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