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Interested in opinions about the recently revealed 3.5/.5GB memory split on the GTX970. I'm planning to pick up one today.  From what I've read the card is fine for 1080p gaming but problems could arise if one games at 1440p or 4K gaming.  I understand people are upset that Nvidia misrepresented the specs of the card but the card is a still a performance/price point winner.


Any owners here encounter any frame rate issues with their card?

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It seems so minor / trivial, but this has been the most cost effective upgrade I've done in years - a custom printed oversized mouse pad. Effectively acts as a cushion for my arms + hands, and it just

Love this!    

Well, Ryzen 9 3900x is installed, and my goodness the difference is huge with Flight Simulator 2020. I’ve gone from having to give everything a minute or so to settle after loading in with a mix of Lo

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Installed my MSI GTX970 yesterday. It was good to know about the split memory ahead of time and knowing that I'll be gaming in the 1080p world for the foreseeable future over rides any concerns.


Really impressed at how slick and smooth my racing sims run - in some cases double the frame rate! The main plus with the smoothness is how much better I can hit the racing line and the sense of immersion has improved because of that.


The main sobering issue is that the resale value of these cards will probably be terrible.  

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There are several ways to measure frame rate if you are interested. There's FRAPS - though it's getting long in tooth. Also if you have Geforce Experience installed there is a recording utility called ShadowPlay that also has a frame rate counter. Warning! This leads to the never ending tinkering path that can comprise a big part of the PC gaming experience!  ;-)


Assetto Corsa has a builtin one too that you can activate while on the track.

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First mod I'd recommend for AC is the port of the Joux Plane stage from Richard Burns Rally:


There are a few other cool tracks out there, too; check the official forum. A load of cars, too, though I'm still learning the official ones myself.


Outside driving, I'll see what I've got I can gift you.


I finally got some uninterrupted time in AC yesterday, I installed that mod, holy shit that's fun! I mostly tried the Shelby Cobra on that track. The physics are amazing, and so fun on a road course. I hope there are more road courses coming.


The one truly shitty part is that if you go off-track and fall into a gulch (and there are many) there's no way back on. The game has no reset to track function (so far as I could find).


I also made some headway in career mode. Clearly the game is all about practice, practice, practice.

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So I'm going to be upgrading some parts later this year.  Most important believe it or not is a primary hard drive.  My SSD 64 GB was great....until Windows updates and useless temporary files started clogging up the space.  No matter what techniques I've used, I can barely stay afloat above 2 GB remaining.  So I'm going to get a bigger SSD.  Anybody have any experiences they want to share about migrating an entire operating system and their hard drive files?

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From my media server build thread, this is looking to be my spec that I'll probably look to get some basic gaming enjoyment out of at a later date (Emulation, some Steam releases):


Intel Core i5-4440 3.1GHz Quad-Core Processor

Noctua NH-U12S 55.0 CFM CPU Cooler
Asus H97M-PLUS Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
Crucial 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory
Fractal Design Define Mini MicroATX Mini Tower Case
SeaSonic S12G 450W 80+ Gold Certified ATX Power Supply


I'll be sticking a 250GB SSD from my old Macbook Pro in there as the OS drive. Again, the chief purpose is to run as my Plex server and Client (I'll gradually be adding several 4TB drives for media over time), but towards the end of the year I'm probably going to sick a GTX 960 in there and look into XB360/XB1 controller options at the same time. 


It'll be my first PC build in years. Thinking of installing Windows 10 Preview on it to begin with.

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The U12s is superb. Huge, but fantastic. I finished the build the other night and it's actually pumping out cool air below room temperature on a warm day. Originally I considered Noctua's DH-N14 but it would have been overkill for me. I don't think the extraction fan on my case is as good as it could have been, so I will replace that with a Noctua as well. It's really a Media PC first and foremost, so cool and quiet takes priority over gaming performance. 

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The great PC upgrade of 2015 commenceth!


Phase 1:




More importantly, is it "Tee-Eye" or "Tie?" I've heard it both ways, but the rules for acronyms and initialisms suggests this is not either and it should be "Tie." Since this is English, and English is like 'Nam, there are no rules so I don't feel confident committing to either pronunciation just yet.


Phase 2 will include some flavor of X99, but I haven't locked down where I'm going yet.


Arkham Knight drops tonight - this card's going into the fire from the get-go.

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I have not yet begun to overcompensate.  Wait till you see phase 2.


For esses and gees I ran 3DMark before the upgrade and pulled 48 percentile. I was still rocking Romier's old 580, bless its heart. After the video swap the system ranked in the 89th percentile with a 7 year old cpu part. So the question is, do I even NEED to upgrade the rest?

Then I ran Arkham Knight. Yes, I need.

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Arkham isn't a good indicator of the state of your rig considering its a technical mess of a game on PC right now. Give it a couple of weeks and some patches and then make your decisions based on the fixed version.


I tend to go back to the Crysis 3's of the world to test perfomance. It's a shit game but its extremely well optimized and it can bring a good system down to its knees as its a good balance of CPU/GPU usage.


The Witcher 3 will give your GPU a workout, too. It isn't terribly CPU intensive either.

I've had a Sandy Bridge processor (i5 2500k) for years and see very little reason to upgrade. The thing is still amazing with even a mild overclock.

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Frankly, game performance is really a bonus.  The machine is primarily an image and video cruncher.  If the prevalent rumors come to pass I'll be upgrading my primary camera later this year and the new one will have a sizable increase in resolution.  Add to that Lightroom, the image management software I use, recently included features that incorporate the GPU in processing tasks and it would seem now's a good time bring the system current.


My main concern is stability under load.  To that end I've been using OC-enthusiast level comps but not OCing the rig.  I've even used over-sized cooling for a CPU that never saw or will see a clock/multiplier/voltage increase over stock.


So, with that in mind, this is what's in my NewEgg cart:


Intel I7-5820K 6-core CPU

EVGA X99 Classified motherboard

G.Skill Ripjaws 32GB 2400 CL15 DDR4 (4x8GB) RAM

Cooler Master Nepton 120XL water cooler


I'm not too familiar with G.Skill apart from their popularity, but I'm not opposed to Corsair Vengeance if the latter offer a more solid platform/product.  That's where my research is, atm.  I went with the EVGA Classified because I'm something of an EVGA fanboy - currently running an x58 Classified that's been absolutely bulletproof running some pretty intensive renders and EVGA as a company have been nails for whatever support I've ever needed across all of their products that I own.


Anything I'm overlooking?  Different mobo or RAM thoughts?  Maybe drop down to the X99 FTW and jump the CPU up to the 5930k?

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Word is EVGA is revamping their X99 offerings, first with the Micro, but the Classified was also mentioned on their official Twitter as next in line.  The current EVGA X99 boards are currently on rebate.  We'll probably get the new releases by the end of this month.  I've waited this long to upgrade...

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Have you guys checked out M.2 x4 drives?  Holy cow!  These are the numbers from my Samsung 850 Pro:




However, these are the numbers for the Samsung SM951 (AHCI version), in the same system.




Granted, real-world difference probably boils down to going from a 2 second load to a 1 second and eliminating altogether large world load stutters, but damn that's booking.


The build is just about done.  Will probably post pics to show off, it'll be done when the second set of DIMMs arrive, but wanted to share those numbers in case people were looking to pick up the new hotness for local storage - literal hotness, too, the drive gets scalding during extended writes!

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DeepThought 8 lives!




Everything is finally up and running. Fresh Windows 10 Pro install, which took a bit of finagling with Microsoft since I originally upgraded for free then completely gutted the system tied to the product key. Thankfully, they converted the upgrade license to a full version key and everything is rocking and rolling.


Final Specs:


Intel I7 5820K 6-core 3.3GHz

MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK motherboard

64GB G.Skill 2666GHz DDR4 (Do you even Dimmdrive, bro?)

EVGA GTX 980Ti Superclocked 6GB ACX 2.0+ video card (added the backplate)

Samsung SM951 256GB

Samsung 850 Pro 512GB


I added a ThermalTake MAX-2533 Backplane hot swap hard drive bay to the front for backup drives that I can quickly eject and throw into my Gerber go bag for when the zombie apocalypse hits (and you know it will. I hope.).




The motherboard has an integrated hardware encoder and I let my daughter play around with it to do YouTube videos. What a time to be young.



The 980 is proving to be a beast. It's single-handedly running 4 displays (1x1440p, 3x1080p) with one of the 3D displays set to 120Hz and gaming at 1440p, max settings, with minimal impact. I'm impressed.




Hopefully this lasts me as long as the X58 rig did. Speaking of, I had all those parts laying around, and since it's been such a rock solid system, and I'd hate to see it go, I decided to build a spare PC for the other corner. The case has been ordered from Mountain Mods and should be here this week. Gonna set up a BNC peer-to-peer and play Doom like it's 1995 up in here.


And endeth thusly the saga of DeepThought 8.

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