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Dragon Age - New Bioware PC RPG

Romier S

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The folks behind Knights of the Old Republic have announced a new RPG appearing on a PC near you:


Now it appears the latter group might be correct. As part of its E3 lineup announcement this morning, BioWare announced it is working on Dragon Age, "an upcoming PC RPG based on a brand new BioWare fantasy world." Unfortunately, that's all the developer said, other than "many more details [about Dragon Age] will be announced at E3."


Dragon Age joins two other titles on BioWare's E3 plate. Jade Empire, its Xbox-exclusive Asian martial-arts fantasy RPG, will be the centerpiece of the company's booth, where it will be on full display. Also on display will be The Witcher, a PC action RPG developed by Poland-based developer CDProjekt and powered by BioWare's Aurora Engine, most famously used in Neverwinter Nights.


Another all new property for Bioware and this time for the PC. The Witcher also sounds interesting as well. Its great to see Bioware finally getting the recognition they deserve and even more enjoyable to see them creating thier own properties and original games.

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Originally posted by FutureVoid@May 7 2004, 09:56 PM

ts great to see Bioware finally getting the recognition they deserver and even more enjoyable to see them creating thier own properties and original games.

I couldn't agree more! I do my part by using Bioware like punctuation when talking about RPG's with friends. Eventually they see the name and say "Oh, Bioware; everyone knows they do great work." That's the plan anyway.


I do wish they're all-new world wasn't fantasy, though.



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Announced WAY back in '04, it looks like Bioware is finally ready to unveil Dragon Age for the PC. It's been a long time since Bioware released a PC Exclusive RPG so this should be VERY interesting. It's scheduled for release in '09.



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I installed BG2 and Throne of Bhaal last night and was disappointed to find that the Infinity Engine does not play well with the Geforce 8/9 series of cards. All kinds of shitty graphical glitches etc (and they are even worse on Vista). Apparently there are some fixes available I need to try but boy was I disappointed.:(

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Looked in-engine, but clearly not gameplay.

Yep. There's a lot of folks arguing its CG but I think you can clearly see it being rendered in-engine. I agree that it was cool but I was half looking for Theoden King to pop up in the middle of the battle is all.:lol

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Well, many also said that Mass Effect was Star Wars without Lightsabers

Initially it had that Star Warsy feel but these are the guys that did Knights of the Old Republic afterall and as we saw more and more of the game, Mass Effect shook off that Star Wars stigma pretty quickly I thought.


Dragon Age can most definitely do that as well but boy is it a lot tougher to do with high fantasy. Especially at a time when most fantasy be it in films and videogames mimic the LOTR films. Which is an important distinction because Tolkien's story really is the inspiration for a large majority of what we see in modern fantasty. Everything from Dungeons & Dragons to games like Dragon Age.


I look forward to seeing more. Having just jumped back into Baldur's Gate II and seeing what Bioware was doing years ago in the art department just made it impossible to keep my expectations in check:).

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