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Van Helsing discussion

Mark E

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Somebody please prevent Stephen Sommers from making another film ever again.


I'm a pretty tolerant guy when it comes to movies, I really am. I even like The Shadow for pity's sake. But Van Helsing is this summer's LXG, a terrible piece of slapdash action that goes on way, way too long and is filled with bad acting and silly plot holes.


There's so much I didn't like about this film that I can't even encapsulate it into a small rant, but let me single out my main problem - it insults the intelligence of the audience. That is just plain wrong, no movie should do that.


It isn't total crap, I liked Alan Silvestri's score enough to pop out and buy it this morning. He does some neat guitar work that I really liked, or maybe I was just really trying to distract myself.


Shame too. I lowered my expectations, I shut my brain off, I did everything I could to give this a chance as the concept is not bad and I like Hugh Jackman. But I was just left flat-out cold by this one.

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I'm surprised by all the negativity surrounding Van Hellsing. Wife adn I saw it this weekend, didn't see anything wrong with it. The accents weren't great and the plot was paper thin, but how is this any different from any other summer popcorn fantasy action flick? Van Hellsing was way better than ID4, Armageddon, and Speed all put together (not that I would put it up for any oscars mind you.)


I would give it 2.5/5, does what it sets out to do and nothing more. Probably made them scads of cash this weekend, now VH can get out of the way for Troy/Spiderman2/Riddick/*insert_big_movie_here*.


I would say VH is a quality rental, decent movie to see if you have nothing else to do. I'll definitely rent it to hear the LFE when they bring the lil' Dracs to life with the lightening strikes. Talk about some BASS!

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Phew, I totally disagree with regards to Speed. I may not like the others, but I think Speed's a very classy action film.


Meh, it could just be me, I'm known to be fairly picky towards films, but nobody else I was with liked it either. I just found it really boring. Mind you, I haven't been having the best few days so that could be it too.


And hey, I'm glad for the people who did like it. I don't begrudge the movie tastes of others. Unless it's like From Justin To Kelly or something ;).

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