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What DVDs will you be buying on 5/11?


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300 Spartans, The (Fox)

All Night Bodega (Xenon)

And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself (HBO)

Bells of Coronado (Lions Gate)

Big Boss of Shanghai (VideoAsia)

Billie (1965) (MGM)

Border, The (1982) (Universal)

Born to Defense (1986) (Buena Vista)

Buddha's Palm and Dragon Fist (VideoAsia)

Circle of Deceit (Kino)

Code, The (2002) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Court TV Crime Stories #1: Serial Killers (Ardustry)

Court TV Crime Stories #2: Mobsters (Ardustry)

Court TV Crime Stories #2: Controversial (Ardustry)

Crazy White Boys (XEG)

Distant Drums (1951) (Lions Gate)

Down to Earth (1947) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Dragon Lord (Buena Vista)

Drop Dead Roses (2001) (York)

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls (Sony Music/Wonder)

Eddie Presley (1993)

Fog of War, The (2003) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Follow that Dream (1961) (MGM)

Force of Evil (1949) (Lions Gate)

Girl of Your Dreams, The (La Nina De Tus Ojos) (1999) (Lola Films)

Godfather, The (Movie-Only Edition) (1972) (Paramount)

God is Great, and I'm Not (2002) (Koch)

I Could Go on Singing (1963) (MGM)

Ice Cold In Phoenix (MTI)

In America (2003) (Fox)

Independence Day:Limited Edition (Fox)

Japanese Story (2003) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Julius Caesar (1950) (Lions Gate)

Kedma (2002) (Kino)

Lady Snowblood (1973) (AnimEigo)

Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance (1974) (AnimEigo)

Legend of Johnny Lingo, The (2003) (MGM)

Lone Wolf & Cub (Baby Cart to Hades) (AnimEigo)

Long Day's Journey Into Night (1962) (Lions Gate)

Man of La Mancha (MGM)

New Crime City (New Concorde)

Nighthawks (1981) (Universal)

Night of the Following Day (1969) (Universal)

Nine Lives (2002) (Lions Gate)

One Armed Swordsman Vs. 9 Killers (VideoAsia)

Paris (DEJ)

Pigalle (Koch)

Posse (1975) (Paramount)

Prince Valiant (1954) (Fox)

Rebellious Reign (VideoAsia)

Renegades (1989) (Universal)

Robin Hood (1991) (TV) (Fox)

Rustler's Rhapsody (Paramount)

Safe Conduct (Koch)

Samurai Cop (1989)

Santa Fe Stampede (Lions Gate)

Scary Movie 3 (2003) (Buena Vista)

Senorita Justice (2003) (Lions Gate)

Shadow Warriors (New Concorde)

Shakedown (Universal)

Shandra: The Jungle Girl (Koch)

Shaw Legends Box Set (VideoAsia)

Short Film About Killing, A (1987) (Kino)

Short Film About Love, A (1988) (Kino)

Shrek 3D (Dreamworks)

Sister My Sister (Koch)

Spacejacked (New Concorde)

Star Hunter (New Concorde)

Star Quest (New Concorde)

Sudor Amargo (Bitter Sweat) (Maverick)

Three Faces West (1940) (Lions Gate)

Tin Star (1957) (Paramount)

Tomie: Rebirth (Adness)

Unknown Origin (New Concorde)

Vampire Vixens From Venus (Koch)

Van Helsing: The London Assignment (2004) (Universal)

Waltons, The: The Complete First Season (5-DVD Set) (1972)

Westward Ho (1935) (Lions Gate)

X-Files, The: The Complete Season Nine (7-DVD Set) (2002)


For me: Rustler's Rhapsody and possibly X-Files S9. It's not my favorite season but it's one of my all-time favorite shows so I want to own all the seasons. 8)

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What I want:


Nighthawks - One of the better Stallone films...

The Godfather

Friends finale show

Survivor Season 1


But,money is extremely in short supply at the moment,so nothing for me this week.


I am wondering who will be buying the ID4 limited edition though...

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Lady Snowblood (1973) (AnimEigo)

Lone Wolf & Cub (Baby Cart to Hades)


Odd. I've had these for weeks. Or maybe this list is referring the Animeigo website's exclusivity ending?


Rustler's Rhapsody is kind of tempting but I think I'll get the Frankenstein and Wolfman sets. I missed getting them when they originally came out.

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Survivor S1

Invader Zim Vol. 1


I'll probably only pick up S1 of Survivor. Although I am a huge fan of the show now, I didn't even start watch until there were about 4 episodes left in the first season. I'd like to go back and watch it in its 'virgin' state and see just how Richard pulled it off without knowing anything about the game.

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I picked up Invader Zim, Volume 1, from Hot Topic (I also picked up some studded collars, so the mall kids can see how cool I am). I can't wait to own all these. Apparently there are 46 10 minute episodes, but I only saw around 8 full half-hour episodes before Nickelodeon cancelled the series.

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Apparently there are 46 10 minute episodes, but I only saw around 8 full half-hour episodes before Nickelodeon cancelled the series.

Many of the episodes were 12 minutes long, therefore they could show two in a 30-minute timeslot. I'd say about a third of them, however, were 22 minutes.


Arrrg, my copy has not arrived from Amazon yet (it's not available in stores around these parts). Looking forward to seeing Zim in all his DVD glory!

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