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ESPN NHL Hockey... pardon while I swoon


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Actually, they posted an enormous interview with the guys developing the game, and yes, the s-move is gone. Supposedly goalies are more realistic and fallible, BUT the defensive AI is better such that the mixture of the two means that games will be far more interesting. Try sitting in the crease for a while with a guy and you'll get levelled. Oh, blockquoth the interview:


The "S-move" is indeed a thing of the past, as are all money goals in general. At the same time, it's not something that is impossible to do either. It is a valid method of attempting to score, so it can certainly work in the right situation. For example, someone like Paul Kariya would still have a reasonable chance to pull it off given the proper conditions. The frequency will be nowhere near as high as it was last year though, particularly on the harder difficulty levels. We've done a great deal of work to increase the amount of goal variety you will see, and goals will now have to be earned. If you are patient and set your offense up correctly, you will be rewarded.


Yummy! Seriously, read the interview on that site. If you don't swoon, you ain't breathing ;).

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Although I'm guilty of using said move, I usually waited to see if my opponent attempted it first, or if I was behind in the game and needed to catch up. Still, it didn't always work.


Hopefully they won't change gameplay too much, and just tweak it a bit for the better. Looking at the videos, it seems that is what they are doing. I would like to see more holds on the boards too... adds alot to the game IMHO.


The thing I really like about this game, and just watching last seasons scoreboards reflected this, is that it's realistic in the amount of goals scored. To top it off, my shots per game was just like the real Flyers: lots of shots, but not many goals to show for it :lol: Of course this is also do the the large number of slap shots I take from just over the blue line :wink:

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Since the recent opening of the information floodgates, I have become increasing excited about this year's release and I've been spending a large amount of time on the Thunderpuck forums.


At first I was a little wary since the development cycle was again shortened, and since a different developer was taking over.


Most of my worries have been but aside until the game is actually released at least. I'm glad to hear that they have been concentrating on tweaking and improving the gameplay and AI, which is most important to me, and the recent movies have confirmed the the graphics and sound improvements are quite spiffy as well.


Gameplay is a hard thing to judge from what a developer says, and removing golden goals and making the game play more realistic have been promised since NHLPA93, so I do have to take a bit of a wait and see approach. But from what I hear, it sounds good.


Online play is my only other real concern, and details on that have been sketchy. I just hope it has a much better interface, less sync and disconnectin errors, and less voice dropout. I can live without XSN features in the game this year.


But, I am keeping any eye on Rivals as it's online will probably be the best this year and if it plays half decent, I may have to pick up two hockey games this year.

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I may be picking up 4 hockey title this year, lol, I have been playing since i was 5 :).


NHL 2004, I love the deke front last year, it was the best thing in the game, the gameplay needs work, its a fun game to play.


NHL 2k4, the bread and butter, the closest thing to a simulation out there.


NHL Rivals, too early to tell, graphics and gameplay look promising, we shall see.


NHL Hitz Pro, word on the street, well ign anyway, has it that this game rocks....

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I don't think I could justify 4 hockey games in one year. But I want to try them all.


ESPN NHL 2K4 - Absolute buy. Great sounding gameplay tweaks and features this year, including a deke option similar to NHL 2003.


NHL 2004 - Interested to see it this year as Black Box is doing it, and it does look somewhat improved. 2003 was awful though.


Rivals - Interested mainly for it's online play. Won't have franchise or other types of modes, which don't really interest me, but playing online with a bunch of you guys might be too good to pass up.


Hitz Pro - Been hearing good things about it, but I know the least about it.


BTW, Thunderpuck has opened boards for all these games. EA and Sega ones have been around for years, but the Rivals and Hitz ones are newly opened, and developers are posting in all of them I believe.

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Damn it. No widescreen, folks. Maybe I'll keep NHL2k3 this year.

Say it ain't so! How would you not purchase a great hockey game, one in which you started a thread for with high expectations, just because it doesn't support widescreen? Since when did optional features determine if a game is good or not?


Besides, you have an online hockey season to run, damnit! :P

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