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Puzzling & Adventurous Game Finds

Mark E

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I was trying to get Gabriel Knight working again on this damn machine (good news - running it in regular non-VESA mode under DOSBox makes it near playable, bad news - this machine is still just a bit too slow for it) and came across QuandaryLand, which appears to be a site devoted to adventure games.


Anyway, they have a section of free stuff, whether it's fan-made games (the Tierra King's Quest remakes are there, as well as Pleurburgh, which I've played and is not bad at all) or some commercial titles that have slid into public domain or are being released at no cost.


The listing is at:




And has a bunch of off-site links.


I heartily recommend trying Beneath A Steel Sky (CD version, the voices are spot on), Pepper's Adventures in Time (it's edutainment, but really good edutainment), and the link to Cliff Johnson Games, which nets you three of Msr Johnson's masterpieces - The Fool's Errand, 3 in Three, and the amusement park one (sorry, brain fart) for free.


There's a link to Freddy Pharkas, but unfortunately it's broken at the mo' :).


Thought I'd post that up for you adventure and puzzle fans. Anybody who likes brain burners would be well-served by the Cliff Johnson link, the man is quite good at his work.

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