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Originally posted by FreakTornado@May 11 2004, 10:21 AM

From the GameSport article Joey linked to:


You'll find over 16 track environments that mix real life locales such as Germany's Nurburgring Nordschleife


A sim racer on the Nurburgring...



You guys saw that Sony stated that the ring was in GT4 right?

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Originally posted by iCamp@May 13 2004, 07:00 PM



Does "Forza" mean anything in the racing world? -or is it just a made up word? (sorry for the stupid question)

Well, in Italian is means "Strong" or "Power" - not sure if there is any racing specific reference.

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@May 13 2004, 09:05 PM

Good find, Dan! In case anyone missed it -- they have SEXY SCREENS over there:





Ok, I'm positive some pee came out that time :shock:


The entire inside of the vehicle is viewable from the dash, to the driver, to the driver's hand shifting the manual stick on each gear.


And there's a little more :Rock:

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You've seen the shots of the setup they're demoing it on at E3, haven't you? 3 seperate 16x9 plasmas next to each other, showing front, left and right views - you can run secondary cameras via SystemLink. As long as you've got 3 TVs, 3 XBoxes and 3 copies of the game, that is...

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Are you serious? That's weird, because I was thinking about this just yesterday -- I was wondering how a console could give multiple monitors in order to restore the peripheral vision I want in racing games. Sound interesting.


As for the in-dash view -- is the inside of the glove box modeled on any of these cars?


-j (;))

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All these racing games for the box is just getting me madder that there is no quality force feedback wheel available. I know there are the crap Madcatz wheels but nothing with FF.


I do not like to race using the controller. Period. My old man hands just can't finesse a controller plus there is a much greater sense of realism when you drift a turn using the wheel, heal/toe, feathering a throttle, etc.


I love racing games though.


Oh well.



Edit: What is that wheel in that E3 pic? Doesn't look familiar except as a PC wheel.

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