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Microsoft Press Conference- Wrap Up


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Thought id do a quick rap up for all of you who are waking up to all this info


1) EA is now on Live

15 games will be released for it this year including all your sport favorites, need for speed, golden eye 2, time splitters and more..


2)Halo is Coming November 9th


3)Xbox Arcade is coming to XBL

You can download classic games, as well as card games and so on later this year


4) Later this year you will be able to use a webcam to talk to friends with video over live, and eventually video conferencing will happen


5)Videos of SW:Republic commando, Jade Empire, Halo 2, Conkur and a ton of other titles look simply awesome. You can find them at IGN.com or gamespot


6) Just thought id say . HELL F#%@$5 yeah . What a conference

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Other than the release date for Halo and a webcam, I think that there isn't much there that we didn't already know.


Bejeweled on my Xbox? Good grief. I already have it on my phone and on my PC.


I guess I never really figured Microsoft's showing at E3 would blow me away, unless they were going to show Xbox Next.



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Love the idea of the card games, that's fantastic.


I think the board game market is completely untapped for the online consoles as of yet, and while individual releases might be a tough sell, some well-done bundle packs would be a damn good idea.


Can you imagine picking up a classic Risk, Clue, Monopoly pack? Never happen, but card games are a good start.


I'd love to be able to play poker online with you yahoos ;)

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Interesting, I see on the GameSpot news bit that they're going to be releasing trivia games as well via the arcade service.


Very cool, trivia games = teh bomb.


If MicroSoft really wanted to capture some audience share, they'd pick up some of the old content that used to be on the Bezerk website, like Acrophobia (though this is on Flipside now, so not likely), Get The Picture, or You Don't Know Jack. I'm sure Jellyvision would probably go for it. The only problem with the latter two being that they need keyboard input, so they might be an issue, but YDKJ is still a pretty recognized brand and it has a small but loyal fanbase.

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