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Sony Press Conference

Chris F

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Official - 149.99 Price point


GTA4 - San Andreas - Exclusive


Emphasis on EyeToy and support for EyeToy - Harry Potter, the Sega Game and a Dance Dance Revolution game


Mor emphasis on online gaming on the PS2. Showed some footage of GT4 (looks good) a new SOCOM game (I wasnt paying attention), Star Wars Battlegrounds, Burnout 3, Pandora Tomorrow, and EAs titles. They're also showing MGS3, but this is an online montage of games, I thought.


Now the CEO/President of Insomniac is pitching R&C: UYA. Wow, looks like a R&C game, which is good. But way to show 30 seconds of footage. Now talking about the online aspects of R&C3. Features: 6 battlefields, perr to peer, splitscreen, online lobbies, buddy lists, stat tracking, realtime voice chat, 8 players can speak at a time at 60FPS, Siege mode, CTF, DM. Co-op vehicles in Siege mode. 4 vs 4 in SIege mode, live on the stage. Destructible environments(?). Screen is small, so I cant tell whats going on, looks fast and frantic though! You take "nodes", there are automated turrets at the bases, a sheep gun(?), lots of gadgets (magnaboots, let you stand on the ceiling). Yeah, this looks fun as hell. I'll be getting it for sure. Want the game to take the action platformer game to a new level.


Sony feels like they are "leading" the online gaming crowd. They feel there is no community in online gaming (?).


More statistics. Want to foster community in online games. Hmmm, a single sign-on for a Sony online gaming network? Billing? Seamless to the end-user. Maybe an Xbox Live type gaming network for the PS2? The future is in online transactions - Downloadables, persistent worlds, etc. He's now talking about the ability to buy a souped up car, from an experienced GT4 player who doesn't use the car anymore.


OOOHHH. PSP stuff?!! looks like the slong black, sleek mock up seen in magazines a few months back! The timing for a PSP is right. What is it? Hand held, cd games(?), wireless connectivity, 3D gaming, similar to PS2, high quality music, movies and video through one central device. New optical disc, Universal Media Disd (UMD), wireless gaming, downloadble content. Geared for 18-42 year old males. LCD screen, 171mm long, 74 high, 24mm deep. 260 grams. TFT LCD Widescreen, 16x9. 32 MB RAM, 4MB embdedd DRAm. Supports 802.11b. USB2.0, Memory STick support, irDa support as well. Battery life -Li-Ion - 10 hours. Lower battery life for mp3 playback and dvd support(?). UMD is 3x CD-ROM capacity. Interoperability with PS2 titles and the PC(?) All major companies onboard with PSP. Capcom, Namco, EA, Activision, UBI, ATari. Ooh, a Frogger game. An Ape Escape game, was that a Wipeouit game? Spider Man, EA Sports, Dynasty Warriors? Some racing gmaes, ridge racer, 2D fighters. I swear I saw a Wipeout game in there.


President of EA Worldwide Studios. A Powerful Partnership. Street Series, Tiger Woods, and NFS:U for PSP. Footage of early code, on PC architecture based on PSP hardware. 16x9 aspect ratio will be interesting. Ok, this footage looks as good as the PS2 versions, but I am watching it in a small window.


UMD a new global format for video and audio. Support from movie studios. UMD content shown - SPider Man footage running on a PSP. OhMAN I NEED one of these. like seriously, wow. I really want one. It's totally running on a PSP on stage with this boring dude. Square has something running on it - Final Fantasy Advent Children video. CG looks amazing. Not as realistic as Final Fantasy the Movie, but more in line with the FF games. It's not running on a PSP, it's just footage from the movie. Now talking about music (Incubus video) running on a PSP. I hope they dont play the whole thing, I hate this video. THank GOd it's over. Sony Connect software (?), available on PSP. Japan end of 2004, US in 1st quarter 2005. 3 Million shipped by end of fiscal year. No pricing (?).


Some Japanese guy, my guess is this is an announcement for the PS3. Talking about the "Cell" Processor. Sony & IBM Cell Processor based workstation. Some IBM dude. Blah bah blah. technical crap that I dont care about the "Cell" thingie. Lots of stuff about merging movies & games, etc. Pitching the power in development for this processor. Massive compuation tasks. Games & movies will merge towards a new thing. Prototype Cell workstation in Q4 2004.


Looks like the conference is over. Wow. Heaps of boring stuff, but the PSP stuff was pretty amazing.


Are Sonys Conferences always this boring? All this guy is doing is spouting numbers. Plus poorly reading from a teleprompter. He has NO kind of delivery.

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Are Sonys Conferences always this boring?




The EyeToy seems kind of neat and all, but it seems weird for Sony to be throwing that much support behind a peripheral. Has it been selling really well and I just wasn't aware of it?


Yup. 2.2 million in Europe, been a big catalyst for PS2 hardware sales too.

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-Great Stuff Chris! Nice quick summary. :D


-I'm looking forward to the PSP. I think the serious competition will help drive the handheld market forward. The Gameboy's have been fun, but they certainly haven't been pushing the envelope by any means.

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I swear I saw a Wipeout game in there.


You did. From GameSpot:


Clips of Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer, Wipeout, Dynasty Warriors, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Medievil, Ape Escape, Spider-Man, Metal Gear Solid, and a Capcom fighting game were shown in rapid succession--and to an enthusiastic response from the crowd.


Gran Turismo on a PSP...nice, I hope there are analog controls

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