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LCVG Match Play Championships

Ricky G

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LCVG Match Play Championship


Competition name - LCVG MATCH PLAY

Competition begins as soon as the tourney fills up

Password - 10963674


Tournament Round One Deadline: 5/30/2004 11:59 PM PST

Tournament Round Two Deadline: 6/6/2004 11:59 PM PST

Championship Game Deadline: 6/13/2004 11:59 PM PST


I chose to create a Match play tourney for a couple of reasons. Firstly, anything can happen. You can shoot a better overall round than your opponent and still lose. Secondly, I enjoy the social aspect and we will be playing together in pairs.


I have made each round last 7 days, as that should be ample time for two players to agree on a playing time. If matches are not played, they are decided by a virtual coin toss, but I think if we have only 8 of us, we should all be able to get in a single round in each 7 day period.


In the event that more guys are interested, I can dissolve the competition and re-create it with a 16 man field.


If anyone wants in, you can post here, and I will send an invite from the tourney page, or you can simply enter at the XSN site with the password given above.

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Invites have been sent to everyone except Bryan, because I never really liked the guy. ;)


Seriously, Bryan, I would have had I knew your gamertag. Let me know what it is and I will send an invite. Has anyone tried to register via the link at the top of the page? I'm curious because I set it up as a private tourney, and I'm not sure if people can sign by invite only, or if the password at the top of the page is all you need.

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PPH2 and JTello, I have sent invites.


Only 3 of the eight slots are filled so far. I don't think we'd be able to get it to 16 though, so get entered quick. With match play the number of players has to be a multiple of eight.


If we fill it and have eight guys that still want in, we'll dissolve and all existing players will get sent an immediate invite for the new tourney.

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5 out of the 8 slots are filled. I don't really think we'll be able to get 16, as the weak registration for LCVG Tour #5 will show.


I will start the competition as soon as we get 3 more, since we have 7 days to co-ordinate tee times, I don't foresee any problems.

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Bryan, opponents are determined randomly at the start of the first round, as well as the entire bracket.


Scarface7, I could not send an invite as the XSN site did not recognize your gamertag. You could follow the link way up there at the top of this page.

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