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I went (impulse) shopping not too long ago and picked up Custom Robo. Heard varying reports about it but I tried it in the store and the amount of things you can do just on the customization screen is utterly and completely freakin' ENORMOUS. If I'm not mistaken, there's 40 different robots to choose from, all with varying stats. From there, you can put any number of different guns on one arm (about 50 different types), differing types of grenade launchers, different leg types (jump, double jump, hover, etc.), and mini-robo launchers. So basically you have literally over 30 million different combinations to start with.


The combat was kinda mindless but still fun. Kinda like Virtual On but a lot simpler.


So I plunked down $40 and bought the game.


Anyone else try it?

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The reviews are too harsh. The gameplay is surprisingly good and requires more than just button mashing. There is strategy involved and lots of it.


However this is just going one on one with the computer. In order for me to judge the multiplayer value I'd have to go 1 on 3. Thankfully there is an extra button that changes your focus between the other opponents, otherwise this game WOULD suck.


This could definitely be a sleeper hit at parties. :)

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