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Nintendo E3 Movies

Chris F

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Metroid Prime 2:

Looks good. Multiplayer might be a little wonky with the current control scheme of MP.



Pikmin 2:

Never played the first. Maybe I should?



Star Fox:

Uh. Color me uninterested, but it looks better than last years showing of it.



Paper Mario 2:

THe graphical style is enough to make me want this game.



Donkey Konga:

Conga drum accessory? I'm there dude.



Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat:

Wow! 2 games for the conga drums!



Advance Wars - Under Fire:

Wasn't this a strategy game once? Bleh.



Wario Ware Inc. , Mega Party Game$:

Never played it. But I'll pick up the GBA and GC versions at some point.




Didn't even look at these yet.




Legend of Zelda - Four Swords Adventure:

*sigh* None of my friends own GBAs.


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Ech, I'm still against the idea of mp in MP, but I guess that's what people want.


Don't know what to make of Geist yet either, but the bit where the person playing possessed the boxes and caused them to explode when the soldier walked by was pretty damn neat :).


Parts of StarFox looked nice, but I have to say, I HATE that damn theme music.


Damn Four Swords. I have to start selling people GBAs now, I guess.

Again, nuts to that music though.

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Single player Metroid looks sweet - the changes to the space pirates look interesting, I love the multiple missile lock on, and I think that Dark Samus is going to be a bitch. ;) (Despite it having sort of been done in Fusion..) I like the jump-up & power-up move she appears to have... no telling what it does, but I'll assume it's something nasty.

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After seeing all of those movies, one thing strikes me as odd. I don't understand why you guys are not more interested in Geist. In watching those videos, I can't help but think that this looks like one of the most unique titles to come out of Nintendo since the original Pikmin. Of course it is possible to tell how good it is from those movies and without a hands-on report from someone at the show. Still, I plan on keeping a close eye on it, because above all else, it looks like something I haven't played before.

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If I'm not mistaken Geist left a really sour taste in peoples mouths after E3 last year. It was very unimpressive. I havent watched these new Gesit movies I posted yet, but I'll check it out later 5tonight when I get home. it seems like a very cool concept though.

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I haven't really looked at Geist either. I'm at work and I got yelled at a week or so ago for watching movies at my desk. :P


So, I'll take a look at them later tonight.


I thought it looked interesting at last year's E3, so I'll give it another look to be sure.



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Yeah, Geist was extremely underwhelming last year, honestly. The videos did absolutely nothing for me.


This year it looks a bit better, but not perfect. I am not a fan of the weaponry or movement or something. I'll at least wait until a review, then maybe a rental to be super sure :).

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Geist looks a lot better than last year but it isn't exactly a "wow" game either. I don't know how original it is either as Messiah had the same sort of possession gameplay device. It looks like part Messiah and part Psi Ops. Good be pretty cool but I can't really tell from the videos.

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Pikmin 2:

Never played the first. Maybe I should?


You really, really should! It's such a beautiful little game. I'm as excited for Pikmin 2 as I am for any other game (and as excited as I am for more Metroid and Zelda, that's saying something good about the first Pikmin).


Paper Mario 2 looks pretty sweet!

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Just in case anyone is interested, IGN has a new article about Giest.


The long and short of it is that it's looking much better than it did last year, and may offer up some unique gameplay experiences. One of the levels playable at the show plays more the puzzle-solving aspects, while the other focuses more on the standard run-and-gun gameplay you'd expect from a first-person shooter. The only thing holding it back at the moment is a lack of polish in the controls and visual style. Hopefully, Nintendo can get these things in order and come out with a really solid game.

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