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First games you bought


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What were the first games you purchased with your various game systems? And how did they affect your perception of your new purchase?


The only two I remember is:


On the GBA I bought Advance Wars and Rainbow 6: Rogue Spear. Rainbow 6 was neat, but the control scheme was too complex with the limited amount of buttons. I gave up on it for that reason. Advance Wars, however, was instantly addictive. In fact, Advance Wars is the reason I did not immediately throw the GBA at the wall for all the lighting frustrations I had.


On the Xbox (bought on launch), I bought (IIRC) Dead or Alive 2, Halo, and one other I can't remember. Maybe Nascar Thunder? Was that out? I was pretty happy with Halo, but I quickly got bored with Nascar (assuming that was the one I got on launch and not later). I liked DOA2, but it was kind of "meh" after the Dreamcast version.



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I miss the days of pack-ins ;).


But when I got my PSOne, I got Syphon Filter and FF7. I already knew I liked FF7, I had played it on a friends computer to JUST prior to completion and had bought the PSOne largely to deliver some sweet payback.


Syphon Filter was okay, but the sluggish controls didn't do much for me. I never finished the game, don't really care to, honestly.


I never owned a PS2, but I do remember the first game I played on it. Friend and I had a loan of one and we cranked up the original SSX. One of the most memorable gaming experiences ever. I loved it; it's a shame the Cube controller is decidedly NOT equipped for the PS2 SSX scheme. I still enjoy playing Tricky on the Cube, but it's not as much fun.


First game I got with my Cube was Super Smash Bros. Melee, and let me tell you, that gave the system a big thumbs-up right there. I played it four-player for almost four hours straight with some friends of mine and it was the first time I had ever had a four-player game like that. Blew me away.

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For the Saturn, it came with Virtua Fighter 2, Daytona USA & Clockwork Knight, and I bought Sega Rally the same day. I bought it primarily for Sega Rally after being blown away by it at work. It just blew me away graphically & "fun" wise.


For the Playstation, it was Final Fantasy Tactics. Loved, loved, loved it. I actually bought a Net Yaroze, one of the reasons why was for FFT as it wasn't being released in the UK.


For the Dreamcast, the US launch machine I imported to the UK via Tronix arrived with Soul Calibur & Trickstyle. Loved them both but hated the tricks in Trickstyle, much preferring the racing. This was around the time we were wrapping up GTA2, and it was a big stress reliever in work. A whole bunch of people bought DCs at the UK launch primarily because of playing mine...


For the Xbox, I bought Halo & Aggressive Inline the same time as I got the machine. What's to say? Racked up lots of hours on both.


For the GBA, which was a birthday present, I got Super Mario 2 & F-Zero. Hated both of them :)

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I think you probably bought DOA3 for XBox.


NES I got for XMas along with a copy of Punch Out, which was my favorite NES game and I had put in countless hours through friends and rentals already. Soon after that I, for some reason, bought a 2on2 Basketball game from Jaleco called Hoops which was actually pretty good.


Gameboy came with Tetris of course, and that was more than enough to keep me going for awhile. I think the next game I got was TMNT, which was pretty cool for a GB game.


SNES came with Mario World which I finished in about 24 hours, the next game for that one was Super Ghouls and Ghosts.


The Genesis I bought for Sonic and NHL Hockey. I think Sonic came with the system at that point, and I bought NHLPA93 soon after once it was released.


The Saturn I can't recall for sure because I bought a good percentage of the launch and near launch titles. It came with Virtua Fighter of course, which was great (despite it's bugginess). The real reason I got the system was Daytona which I must have bought soon after, along with Panzer Dragoon, Pebble Beach golf, World Wide Soccer, and a few others.


Playstation I bought with NHL Faceoff which was a pretty nice Hockey game (and I don't think EA had quite gotten it's craptastic NHL97 out yet), soon after I picked up Resident Evil which was one of the reasons I got the system, and then Psygnosis' Formula 1 (the REAL reason I bought the system) and Wipeout XL.


N64 I bought on launch day with Mario and Pilotwings. I loved both of those games and was quite happy with the system at that time. The rest of it's library though did next to nothing for me, plus the games were quite expensive. I didn't get another N64 game until I finally picked up a used copy of Zelda almost a year after it was released.


Dreamcast I think I bought with Crazy Taxi, which was a great game, but got boring after awhile so I went and got Soul Calibur and Rayman 2. Wow! That system was great.


Gamecube I bought because I HAD to play Tony Hawk 3 and didn't have a PS2 (still don't). It was the only Next Gen system I could possibly afford at the time, and I knew I was going to want to play Mario and Zelda anyway... So I picked one up with Tony and soon after Rogue Leader. I loved Tony, but not so much Rogue Leader.


My Xbox came with JSRF and Sega GT, so those were the first games I owned, and I was fairly happy with those for the time. But the real reason I wanted an XBox was XBox Live and NHL2K3, so my first real XBox purchase was that game and a starter kit.... which promptly started my MotoGP addiction which continues, in a lesser form, to this day.

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When I bought my PS2 (first console I ever owned), I primarily wanted to play Gran Turismo and Rez (which I had played at a friends house), I couldn't find Rez for sale, so I bought this other game called WRC. Well, I ended up totally adoring WRC and being disappointed by GT3A, pretty much the opposite of what I was expecting. I suppose this showed me that the PS2 library was deep enough that a game I'd never heard of before stepping into the store to buy the PS2 ended up winning me over in a big way. I finally found Rez a while later and of course loved every minute of it. I was also happy to be back gaming again, as it had been years since I'd played games, and I'd grown up wanting a console but was never able to afford one.


Believe it or not, WRC was the first 3D rally game I'd ever played. So after I played WRC to death I was looking for another one, which is when RalliSport Challenge caught my attention. I bought my Xbox mostly to play RSC. I loved RSC at first, but ended up feeling kind of luke-warm about it. But my opinion of the Xbox was very high because that game really showed off it's graphical power...and now here we are with RSC2 out pushing the 'box's graphics even further, and luckily it's also a much better game overall.


The GameCube purchase was all about Super MonkeyBall and I was blown away by how fun it was. I was also blown away that this little system had so much power, the graphical abilities of the GC were never part of the reason I wanted one, but it really surprised me.

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Nintendo came with Duck Hunt/Mario but we got Excite Bike as our first game


Genisis was Street Fight 2 :CE


N64 was Goldeneye


Ps2(the first time i owned it) was Madden, Onimusha and SW Starfighter


Gamecube - NHL hockey and Godzilla Destory all Monsters


Xbox was Shen-Mue 2, Mech Assault and Unreal Championship

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Xbox - Halo and DOA3

PS2- Virtua Fighter 4

Gamecube - Animal Crossing

GBA - Whatever Mario and Tony Hawk games launched with the system

Dreamcast - Chu Chu Rocket and a japanese version of Dance Dance Revolution

Nintendo 64 - Donkey Kong 64 with the green console and controller, bought a used and thoroughly unlocked copy of Goldeney that day for multiplayer goodness

Atari Jaguar - Tempest 2000 (also one of the only games I ever bothered to buy)

Sega Saturn - Virtua Fighter 3 and Panzer Dragoon

Sega Game Gear - Mortal Kombat 2

Sega Genesis - Mortal Kombat

Playstation - FFVII

NES - only recently bought this, camewith a bunch of games, most importantly were the Zelda games

Intellivision - when I was a kid, my parents bought it from a tv store that was going out of business, got the system and about 15 games for a steal...there were some great titles in there such as Astrosmash and Utopia.


The GBA and Xbox were the only two systems I bought at launch, my interests were elsewhere thropugh most of the late 80's through to the late 90's although istill played alot of fighters and pinball in the university arcade. The Dreamcast is what brought me back, I was floored at the prospect of soul calibur at home even though i waited for a while to get thec console and the game. In so many cases I was already very familiar with the system due to friends so I knew what i was getting into. The exception to that was the Xbox, which I bought on a whim on launch day. At the time I was mostly PC gaming, playing Counterstrike all the time. Needless to say Halo went a long way towards changing the opinions I had of FPS on consoles, and since then I've really stopped gaming on my PC.

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These are the ones I remember off the top of my head:


Super Nintendo: Super Mario was packed in, and I also got F-Zero and Final Fight. Loved Mario of course, Liked F-Zero alot although I thought the difficulty was a little much, and enjoyed Final Fight although I thought it DESPERATELY needed a 2-player simultaneous mode. I wonder why that wasnt included from the begining?


N64: Mario 64 and Pilotwings. Mario 64 is still probably my favorite game of all time, and Pilotwings was good for awhile.


Gamecube: Wave Race: Blue Storm, one of the best games on the Cube now! :)


Gameboy Advance: Castlevania COTM. Lets just say I played this alot more after the SP came out!!


Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure and Ready 2 Rumble. Loved Sonic and thought R2R was pretty much a disappointment.


Playstation: Tomb Raider. enough said.


These were all bought at launch except for the Playstation and GBA. I LOVE CONSOLE LAUNCHES! :D

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I wonder why that wasnt included from the begining?


I think a lot of people still wonder that to this day.


Would have made a pretty big difference in sales, I'd wager, since half the fun of Final Fight is co-op'ing it. And arguing over who's playing Hagar of course :green:.


Maybe they just didn't have the grasp of the technology to do it? They did put out those other Final Fights much later that WERE 2-player co-op, so clearly the system could have handled it.

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Maybe they just didn't have the grasp of the technology to do it? They did put out those other Final Fights much later that WERE 2-player co-op, so clearly the system could have handled it.


That was always my assumption, as it seems like such as obvious inclusion. It was either that, or the guys at Capcom were totally clueless.


HAGAR: HEEEEYAAAHH!! *spin move* 8)

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Genesis: Sonic (late adopter; sorry)

Lynx: Todd's Adventures in Slime World (and the California Games pack-in)

Xbox: Spider-Man

GameCube: Mario Kart - Double Dash


I don't remember my first NES purchase (minus the SMB/Duck Hunt pack-in, naturally) or my first Intellivision. I didn't buy a game system between the Genesis and the Xbox, so I have a pretty pitifully large gap that most of you don't. :)

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HAGAR: HEEEEYAAAHH!! *spin move*


Best part of that game was the car demolishing bonus round.


I love when the dude came on screen afterwards and moaned about it ;).


I'll point out for the curious that the Intellivision had Astrosmash as a pack-in first, and then Lock 'n Chase when they came out with the Intellivision II, which was not a follow-up console, just a different design. I think one of our first cartridges with that one was either Frog Bog or Sea Battle.


Colecovision of course came with that kickass version of Donkey Kong. I am pretty certain that the second game we got for that system was the equally rocking BurgerTime, which I hope appears on Midway Arcade Treasures III ;).

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NES - Mario, Duck Hunt, and Tiger Heli

SNES - Super Mario World

N64 - Mario 64, Wave Race, Cruisin USA, Shadows of the Empire


GC - Luigi's Mansion, Wave Race, Tony Hawk 3

Xbox - Halo

GBA - Super Mario Advance, Tony Hawk 2... umm I'm pretty sure there were others in there as well.


I bought my Genesis and Saturn used, so I can't remember what I bought with them first.


Edit: Forgot my GBA



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Pong - Got it from Sears when I was six or seven years old. Couldn't buy any games for it. You got hockey, tennis, racquetball and soccer and that was it, dammit. You kids have no idea how spoiled you are.


Atari 2600 - Got it a year or two after launch. Came with Combat and the first game we got with it was Space Invaders. To this day it's the only videogame my dad ever played.


Atari 400 ? I think the first game I got for it was Asteroids. I don't remember. Too busy making my own games in BASIC. Snowball Fight, Kung Phooey, Meteorites, Reckless Driver... yeah, I was a friggin' ten year old David Crane back then, fool. Even made a pro wrestling game. Nothing like seeing two 8-bit sprites piledrive eachother into friggin' oblivion.


Didn't buy another videogame system until...


PSOne - bought it WAAAY after launch, and the first game was Tekken 3. THis heralded my financial downfall and my addiction to videogames once again.


Dreamcast - bought this and SoulCalibur at launch


PS2 - bought this, SSX and Tekken Tag Tournament at launch, and the only reason I did was becasue one pre-order got dropped on launch day so I snagged the last PS2 they'd have in the store for another 5 months.


XBox - bought almost a year after launch along with Halo, MechAssault, and DOA3


Gamecube - bought more than a year after launch along with Super Smash Brothers, Pikmin, Super Monkey Ball

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OK, lets see if I can remember all this:


Spectrum - JetPac. Still stands up today as a work of genius. Love it.


Amiga - Batman The Movie. Brilliant platform bits with the batarang, but the driving sections don't really work any more.


PC - Fatal Racing. Much neglected classic, I think; a touch finikety, and the extra tracks you unlock are uniformly rubbish, but has a brilliant balance between stunts and racing. Stunt Car Ridge Racer, if you will.


N64 - Mario64 and 1080. Bought it specifically for these two titles, and never found a third game that was quite as good, really. Which is hardly a damning indictment...


Playstation - Wip3out and Gran Tourismo 2. Bought for GT2 on its release day, with Wip3out almost as an afterthought. Ended up putting at least twice as much time in on the latter, though; its my favorite of the series.


Dreamcast - Crazy Taxi. Ignored the DC for a while, then played this round at Dan Brecher's. Knew I needed one instantly. Love, love, love this game.


Gamecube - Super Monkey Ball. Its all Dan's "fault" again. Went round all hyped about Rogue Leader, and indeed thought it brilliant, but an afternoon's play demonstrated that this was the game I really needed.


PS2 - Grand Theft Auto 3. To be honest, if the PC release had been announced a bit faster, I don't know if I'd have a PS2 to this day; its a great series of games. I've embarrassed Brian enough before, however, so I'll save you all rants about how great the first two were.


XBox - Panzer Dragoon Orta (and Halo, obviously). Managed to resist the Box, despite the appeal of Halo, right up until I saw Orta move. I've drooled over Rez more than once before, so the opportunity of another game with similiar gameplay couldn't be passed up. As you've noticed, there was no Saturn on the list at this time, so I'd missed the previous games in the series.


Saturn - picked one up cheap with a wheel, purely for Sega Rally. Worth every penny.


Megadrive - Paid a fiver, got the contents of the Sonic Collection without having to worry about emulation quality. Woohoo!

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Atari 5200 (1980somethin) - Centipede, Missle Command, some top down racing game I cannot remember the name of, etc.


Nintendo (1986) - Duck Hunt, Mario, and that stupid gyroscope robot thingy that I never quite figured out. :)


Genesis (1991) - Sonic The Hedgehog


PC (1993) - Doom, Wolfenstein


N64 (1997?) - Goldeneye, 1080, Wave Race


Dreamcast (1999) - NFL2k, NBA 2k, Crazy Taxi, Ready 2 Rumble


Gamecube (2002) - Super Monkey Ball, Wave Race: BS


XBox (2003) - Halo

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Let's see if I can remember what my first games were for each system...


Nintendo Entertainment System

Aside from the three games that were included with the system (Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet - that's right I have the Power Pad) the first two games I bought for that system were Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Contra. I remember wanting to purchase both Zelda games that night. Alas, the first one wasn't in stock and instead I picked up Contra, not that this was a bad choice, of course. It just wasn't what I had hoped to get. I also remember that several months later the next game I got was Ninja Gaiden.


Wow. I guess my taste in games hasn't changed much through the years! :D



As you would expect, my GameBoy came with Tetris. The first title I bought seperately was Super Mario Land.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Mario World came with the system, and I love it to death to this day, but the reason I bought an SNES was to play The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It's still one of the best games I have played or will ever play.


Nintendo 64

I can tell you the first 9 games I bought: Super Mario 64, Pilotwings 64, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Mario Kart 64, StarFox 64, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Blast Corps, Diddy Kong Racing, and then Goldeneye. From there on, it gets kind of fuzzy.


Virtual Boy



Nintendo GameCube

When I imported my Cube from Japan, the first two titles I got were Luigi's Mansion and Wave Race: Blue Storm. I followed those purchases up with Star Wars: Rogue Leader, Super Monkey Ball and Super Smash Bros. DX.



See Orpheus' post.


Playstation 2

I simply had to play Contra: Shattered Soldier. It may sound weird that an old-fashioned 2-D side-scroller convinced me to buy a modern gaming system, but that's just the way I am. Additionally, based on the recommendations of the good people here, I decided to try out this other game from Konami called Silent Hill 3. My nightmares have not been the same ever since.

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From what I remember.....


NES: Got the Deluxe edition, which was packed with Gyro-mite and Duck Hunt, for X-mas from my Dad. Also included as gifts were Kung Fu and Elevator Action (Still love that game).


Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog and whatever current NHL game was out at the time. I had to buy one after my brother moved out and he took his with him.


Saturn: Panzer Dragoon and the Virtua Fighter Pack-in.


Playstation: Bought on release day with Battle Arena Toshinden and Ridge Racer.


Nintendo 64: Bought on release day with Mario 64.


Dreamcast: Bought on release day with NFL2K and Sonic Adventure.


Playstation 2: Bought the Gran Turismo 3 edition. Also purchased Twisted Metal: Black and Silent Hill 2 (reason 1 why I bought a PS2, reason 2 was GTA3) on same day.


Gamecube: Bought on release day with Luigi's Mansion and Rogue Leader.


X-Box: Halo


Gameboy Advance SP: Yoshi's Island



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Good Lord let me see if I can remember some of these:


Nintendo: Gyromite and Duck Hunt. If we had another game at the time, I don't remember it. The robot broke the second day and I became a master at operating two controllers at once.


Sega Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog and Flicky. Sonic was absolutely amazing, it blew me away and I became a Genesis freak from then on out. I loved the blue hedgehog. Flicky was cute and a puzzle type game which was always appreciated.


Turbo Grafx 16: Double Dungeons. The walls all looked the same, but it was two player! Split screen! Get lost with a friend! OH yeah!


Sega Game Gear: Sonic 2 and Tom and Jerry. The thing was bloody heavy and the AC adaptor was gigantic. Sonic 2 was OK but I was pretty disappointed.


Super Nintendo: Secret of Mana. I got the SNES without a game. At all. The idea was to rent them, since there were no Genesis games really in the area, but a sea of SNES titles. So I had the Super Nintendo for a few months and played through and beat Actraiser, Zelda 3, Star Wars, and a few other titles before actually owning a game. Secret of Mana I had rented before and loved so this was a no brainer. Super Metroid came soon after. Freakin' amazing games.


Sega CD: Sewer Shark. The only pack in for the side mounted version. What a turd. We were amazed by the "real movie" graphics. Even if they were crap.


Sega Saturn: NiGHTS, Legend of Oasis, Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Cop, Daytona, Madden 96. Probably the most games I EVER got at system purchase date, thanks to the freebies of the Virtua games and Daytona. NiGHTS sealed the deal for me, and made me fall in love with the system.


Playstation: Castlevania: SOTN, Final Fantasy VII. I rented Castlevania "day of" the system arrival and played it far more than FFVII. Not that FFVII wasn't a good game, but everyone knows that SOTN is just magic.


Game Boy Color: Zelda DX and Pokemon Blue. I loved these two games, staying awake until 1 or 2am in the morning squinting at the lamp lit screen and thus started a positive relationship with handheld games after the disappointing early bomb out with the Sega Game Gear.


N64: Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. This is what made me buy the system. When Zelda came out right before Thanksgiving, I was there at WalMart with N64 in hand and grabbing the last copy out of the case. Sweet memories. What a great Thanksgiving holiday that was with everyone gawking at the screen.


Sega Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure. Its all about the blue hedgehog. No really, it is.


Playstation 2: Grand Turismo 3 and Gauntlet: Legends. I got the PS2 that had the special GT3 packaging. It came with the game and a GT3 themed red box. So cool. Maybe not. Anyway, the racing game looked amazing and Gauntlet was entertaining in a "shut off your brain and fire away" kind of manner.


Gameboy Advance: Tony Hawk and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. Castlevania was great, but the Tony Hawk thing was pretty much played out by this time and was abandoned early on. I think everyone where I work played through Castlevania at least once.


Nintendo Gamecube: Super Monkey Ball. Launch day. One of my first system launch days! Great game multiplayer and everyone loves puzzle games so it was a big hit. Unfortunately the next experience was Super Smash Bros. which I still don't "get". I bought into the hype and it let me down!


Xbox: DOA3, Jet Grind Radio Future, Rallisport, GUNVALKYRIE. DOA3 was purty, despite having liked JGR on the Dreamcast, JGRF sucked hard, music and all ugh, Rallisport was mind numbingly fun and GUNVALKYRIE was an amazing underrated classic.


Gameboy Advance SP: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I said when FFTA came out, I was getting the GBA SP to go with it, and I did. The GBASP hasn't really left my pocket since. It sleeps next to my bed on the nightstand, follows me to work and never leaves my side. How loyal it is!


I also own an Intellivision and an Atari 2600 that I purchased later on in life to "relive my childhood". My parents had these before I was born and when I was little before the NES, its what we played. All the time. The originals died before or after the NES so I bought them later on and already had a stack of games for them ready to roll. Except Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Cloudy Mountain. Bought it off someone on Ebay for five bucks. YAY for Ebay!

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Hehe, this is a cool thread.


I ususally buy a console for one must-have title when there are 3-4 other games I could see myself playing eventually. Let's see, going way back (in chronological order as best as I can):


* C64 = Jumpman (Ultima III?)

* NES = Super Mario Bros.

* Genesis = Altered Beast

* IBM PC = Wing Commander

* N64 = MarioKart

* DC = Jet Set Radio

* PSX = MGS (about the time of PS2 launch ;))

* Xbox = Halo

* GBA = Advance Wars

* PS2 = GTA3


Only one I wasn't sure was worth it was the N64. Games were great, but I seethed with envy for all the PSX titles I saw coming out (and I was a one console type person then. Thank goodness I got over that...) Best value and most bang for the buck, C64 all the way baby. Commodore made me the proud geek I am today, what a killer little machine that C64 was.


Here's a prediction for the next gen just for fun:


* Xbox Next = Perfect Dark Zero


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Lets see if I can do this:

(going backwards)

XBOX - came with Clone Wars and Tetris/ got Splinter Cell (Plat. Hit) for free, then bought NCAA 04. Went to Best Buy to buy GTA double Pack and Max Payne 2 for 60$ total.

PC- First real game I got for it was Warcraft 2.

N64 - Mario 64, NBA Hangtime and Wayne Gretzky Hockey (I think those were the only games out --except maybe Pilot Wings)

Game Boy - came with Tetris. I think Mario land was the first game I got for it.

Sega CD - (a few games came with it I think) I know we got the Sonic game for sure. Maybe Ecco the dolphin and/or Nighttrap as well.

Genesis - Altered Beast and Columns (my parents wanted that). Got Buster Douglas Boxing for free with a mail in).

Sega Master System - came with a "duck hunt clone (and a light gun!) and a motocyle racing game on 1 cartridge. Forgot the names. Can't quite recall any other games we got. I'll have to ask my older brother if he remembers. Many I gotta dig that system outta storage.

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