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Fatal Frame 2 coming to Xbox


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GunGriffon will support Xbox Live...



Using Xbox Live to give players an arsenal of game modes and mission types, Tecmo is really taking GunGriffon where it should have been so long ago. Players will have to form teams with other players online, and work to become skilled at strategizing tactics and coordinating each action with team members to win. The game features single-player, multi-player and online modes, with variety of mission types, each with its own objective.
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New interview with the producer of Fatal Frame 2 on the Xbox version of the game:




GameSpy: So, are you happy to have the chance to go back and do a few things you couldn't do for the PS2 release?


Keisuke Kikuchi: Of course, our #1 goal was to make the game scarier. To do that, we've implemented the new first-person shooter mode. By improving on the shadow effect and whatnot, we increased the realism of the game. The added power of Xbox allowed us to make the game look more real and feel more real, so that's what we were able to do for this version.


Of course, this particular version that you're playing tonight, its graphics are at 60% completion only, so you may see some rough edges around the shadows. Pretty much every item and object in the game has a new shadow effect.

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