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Soul Calibur II - Wield That Stick!

Mark E

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Here's an interesting piece of news, apparently Namco has partnered up with Nuby to release an arcade control stick for SC2, decorated with art from the game and such. Really neat bit is that apparently the stick is going to be universal, and will have different connectors depending on your console.


Sounds like a nice option for those who are not interested in using a gamepad to play the game, though I have no idea what kind of quality Nuby's controllers are. I'm sure somebody here can give an idea ;).

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This morning I was looking around and came across an article about the marketing of Soul Calibur II. In the article they mentioned that there would be 'pre-order incentives'. I don't usually pre-order games, but as I plan to buy SCII on launch day anyway, it got me interested. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any further information. EBGames is advertising Link cell art as a bonus for pre-ordering the GC version, but I'm going to get the Xbox version.


Anyhow, if anyone has anymore info, let me know.

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Apologize for the slight tangent.

I like the idea of different characters for different systems in a way, but in another way I hate it. I have all three of the current gen consoles, and I cannot decide which one to buy!

PS2 for the better controller?

Gamecube for Link?

Xbox for Spawn and the best graphics and sound?

AH! Its between the Gamecube and Xbox one for me. I could care less about Heihachi as I don't like Tekken, but Link? Spawn? YES! I can barely afford to buy one much less two.

Oh well...I'll just suffer not being able to decide.

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It's been years since I had a Dreamcast and played the original Soul Calibur, so I can't remeber what the controls were like.


I'm going to probably get the Gamecube version anyway, but what are the controls going to be like on the GC controller? How will that compare to the XBOX and PS2 versions? Anyone buying one paticular version based on control only?

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but what are the controls going to be like on the GC controller? How will that compare to the XBOX and PS2 versions?


I can't comment on the other systems, but I played SC2 import on the GameCube. Control was pretty nice (MUCH better than I expected), but I don't care for the GC controller. AnthonyVolpe really likes one of the alternate control schemes (and had a respectable finish on the default control scheme at a local GameStop tourney).


I'm personally looking forward to the Xbox version because the Xbox controller reminds me most of the Dreamcast controller.



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I played the import Xbox version earlier this summer as well as the Gamecube demo. My personal preference was for the Xbox controller, mostly because the button layout on the GC controller seemed a tad awkward for this game. Personally, I'd rather have an arcade stick, too bad this one is butt ugly and I'm not really a fan of any of the others on the market (they either seem to have crappy sticks or buttons, how frustrating). All comes down to what is comfortable for you in the end.

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