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What is the hottest new Xbox racing game?


Which newer racer do you find yourself playing more? Online and/or offline.. Which would you sugge  

  1. 1. Which newer racer do you find yourself playing more? Online and/or offline.. Which would you sugge

    • Colin McRae Rally 04
    • Rallisport Challenge 2
    • TOCA Race Driver 2
    • Other.. (In case I forgot one)

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Well, I've been playing RSC2 a lot (not as much as Ed wants me too though ;) ). Mostly because I find it easier than CMR04. I do like both though, but I went with the one I got into easier. I haven't bought TOCA yet, probably not for another week or so, just because I like the idea of car ending damage. :)

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I voted for CMR4, it's definitely the one I've spent the most time playing, although that's kind of cheating since it's been out longer than the others.


And as far as the driving experience itself, it's the one I prefer, I love the way it handles, the subtleties in getting the car to behave make it deeper and more satisfying, IMO.


Both TOCA and RSC2 have more variety though, TOCA has so many kinds of racing events it's hard not to find something to enjoy, and it also has more 'simmy' handling than RSC2, but less than CMR4.


RSC2 has lots of variety, but it's all rally oriented (unlike TOCA that has Rally, Forumla, Stock car, Supercar, etc). RSC2 has a solid arcade handling style, with enough depth to keep it interesting, and enough slipperiness to keep you on your toes.


In short, CMR4's driving style suits me perfectly, but is does not have as much variety as the other two games.

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I'm quite taken with TOCA right now. The racing can be really good when the competition is good enough (you have to really keep on a guy, pass at the right time, wait for mistakes), the variety of cars is stunning (although you'll probably find a few you don't like which means playing those races is a bit of a chore), the track selection is amazing with actual race tracks, street races similar to PGR. actual temporary street courses, ovals, and bathurst (which I can't put into any of those categories).


Graphics, sound, handling, AI, carreer mode, and online features are also quite nice and round out the package very well indeed. My only complaint would be that I'd like some longer races sometimes in the career mode, and the network code is a little wonky. Getting hit from another car in multiplayer is usually quite devastating as you usually go off the track, it's a very hard thing to avoid in the first place as too many people brake way too late, and if you factor in network code that doesn't handle lag all that well... it make for a frustrating experience sometimes.


I've seen a guy fly through the air, and nobody touched him on their respective screens. I've also had guys complaining to me about getting hit when on my screen I wasn't even close enough to hit him. Other racing games suffer from that too, but it doesn't seem as bad.

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