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Rise of Kasai!

Romier S

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I'm suprised no ones posted this yet but it appears Rise of Kasai (sequel to the excellent Mark of Kri) is indeed coming and it will have online co-op multiplayer!




Rise of the Kasai will support online cooperative multiplayer, with the added flexibility of being able to do so at any time. For example, you?ll be able to play through the first three levels of the game, hop online to play through the fourth, and then switch back to single-player mode for the remainder, depending on your preference. The multiplayer mode will also support the use of a headset.


What we were able to see of the game included a couple of different environments: a port with ships moving to and fro, and a temple-like complex, both areas manned by Kasai forces. The graphics looked to be coming along well, retaining the unique art style (and the brutal finishing animations) of the original game. Rise of the Kasai is set to cover both the events that followed The Mark of Kri, as well as some of the events that preceded that game, making Rise of Kasai both a sequel as well as a prequel of sorts. Roughly one-third of the game will occur in the past, and these areas will employ a different visual style than areas set in the future.


Rise of the Kasai certainly looks like it could shape up quite nicely for Bottlerocket?s first standalone effort. The game is currently scheduled for release on the PlayStation 2 in the first quarter of 2005.


Screenshots also available here:





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