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Ninja Gaiden screens..

Romier S

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Is it my imagination or have the majority of screens of this title so far all been of sewage systems? Could this be the oft-promised dream match-up between Ninja Ryu and the Roto-Rooter? :P


Seriously though, I love that shot of the shuriken sailing through the air, very nice.

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Remarkably beautiful, anti-aliased screenshots at somewhere around 1024x768. I have yet to hear rumor of the game supporting 720p, so they're utterly unrepresentative of the final game on the Xbox, where I'd wager a shot of yack piss that it'll be a max of 480p with no AA. Damn I hate that. "Look at what we can do on debug hardware and 1 FPS!" :wink:

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<knocks (cough) dust off thread>


Gaiden will be out in two weeks, so I though we could begin discussing it again in this thread. Gamestop is offering free overnight shipping (code:SLCT1D), a little ninja figure and a $10 certificate right now. I just ordered.

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Free Overnight shipping and a $10 coupon if you preorder at gamestop.


Bonus Offer! - Preorder Ninja Gaiden for Xbox and recieve a FREE 2-inch Ninja figure! Actual color may vary.




Coupon will be sent in the form of a one-time use coupon when the game ships. Coupon discount is up to $10 off your next order. Any unused portion after initial use will be forfeited. Coupon not valid on shipping & handling charges or bundled items. Only one offer per order. Coupon will expire March 20th, 2004.

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