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City of Heroes, Mission Night


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So, how about tonight we focus on nothing but missions? I've got a couple of door missions to do, but we'll need to make sure that we have enough higher levels around to sidekick the lower levels, as my missions are getting a bit harder. I'm at a point now where in the next few missions I believe I'll be fighting the Clockwork arch villian :tu:


If you plan on being on and would like to take part in mission night, post here with the time you plan on being online and what missions you have :)

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Alright. I'm planning on being on around 9 CST, but I might be on before that depending on how my home projects go.


1 door mission taking out Vahziloks (sp) in Skyway City

1 door mission taking out Skulls in Kings Row


Both of these missions are too tough for me solo, so they should be a great challenge to a group.



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Im there. Ill be on at 7:30-8:00.


I'm too busy healing you yahoos to talk to my contacts


We appreciate and love you for it. That is until we are villains and lock you away in Evo's own twisted creation: "The Chamber of Pain!" (ie your hero will be forced to play Superman 64 until the end of time). BWHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHH!

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Ok, Chris and Romier, since we'll be on the earliest at this point, lets knock out the mission Chris has in Boomtown first, shouldn't take long at all as the Clockwork are pretty close.


After that we can knock out the door missions. Having 2 Blasters along side me for one of my missions (in Skyway I believe) should make it a lot easier. Plus, since there are Bosses involved a quick dose of Clear Mind on you guys will make it that much easier for you to take them down quick :tu:


Sound like a plan?

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Originally posted by FutureVoid@May 13 2004, 03:28 PM

(ie he who haveth no life ;)

What, do you expect me to let the people of Paragon City suffer :shock:


Besides, I looked for the title "Haveth No Life", but alas, it was not available :cry:


Don't worry you low levels, The Legendary one is here to protect you 8)

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