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Halo 2 Features


The main thing about Halo 2 that I'm psyched about is  

  1. 1. The main thing about Halo 2 that I'm psyched about is

    • The possiblility of MORE THAN 16 players in multiplayer games
    • Wielding two different weapons ? one in each hand
    • Being able to wield an Elite sword
    • Host responsibility switching to someone else mid-game if the original host drops out
    • Environmental & vehicle damage and modification
    • Decorating your player
    • Rocket launcher on Warthog
    • Playing as the Covenant in Multiplayer
    • Multiple teams in Multiplayer ? not just two

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Added vehicle damage to the enviromental choice.


I picked more than one team as my choice. But,personally - simply having clan support would be the best thing for me.


I had a lot of fun running a SOCOM clan a while back. While doing that,some people mentioned Halo 2. I would still love to lead a Halo 2 clan :green:

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Environmental & vehicle damage and modification


That's my choice. If they've implemented it right that will be a major change to what we know of as Halo. I hope they take it further than what we've seen so far.


I don't see why dual wielding is such a big deal. Other games have had this for years. I mean, it's cool and I'm quite sure there will be tons of strategy involved in specific weapon combiinations but this is 3 or 4 steps down on my features list.

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