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Nintendo farming out big titles


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Sega did Fzero, Namco is doing StarFox, Mario Golf and Smash Bros have always been farmed out. So, what is Nintendo doing?


I know farming out titles isn't anything new but the quantity of games being farmed out by Nintendo recently is on a scale I think is worthy of discussion. It leads me to wonder just what Nintendo is focusing their own resources on?


Could it be that the rumblings about a new console so soon are true? Are they focusing more resources on developing a strong launch line-up for a new machine?


Could it be that they have internal teams working on Gamecube titles we don't know about yet? I've got to doubt that one as there is little to show for it yet.

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I know farming out titles isn't anything new but the quantity of games being farmed out by Nintendo recently is on a scale I think is worthy of discussion


Personally I think its great. Some of the complaints heard over the years about the Big N is how slowly the big name first party titles roll out. If the developers in question are of high caliber than everyone wins.


Nintendo sees thier big titles released on a more frequent basis. Third parties like Sega and Namco can solidify the relationship between Nintendo and themselves which leads to even better game developement. We the gamers win because we get that much more first party software released (the main reason most own Nintendo's console).


As to where the resources are going? Thats a great question. Nintendo has always been very secretive for some reason about up and coming plans. Apparently we'll soon find out where things are going.


No doubt a sequel to Wind Waker is in the works. I'm sure Miyamoto is also prepping the next Mario as well. Throw Pikmin 2 on that list also.

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That's a good question.


Not that I have any facts to back this up with, but we did keep hearing them say they wanted to get the new system out on time this go around. What else would they be doing?


Then they would already have strong ties with Namco, Sega, and such that they would be ready to support the new system immediately.

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Thing is though, the quantity has so far been equally matched by the quality. We've had some flat-out amazing software coming from these third-parties because Nintendo doesn't just throw a license away and forget about it, they make sure it isn't going to be crap.


I'm pretty sure they're aware they cannot afford to put out much crap at this point. And if you want a case-in-point for the value of farming out some of their series, check out Metroid Prime. That's a genius piece of software.


What exactly Nintendo is doing is a good question, but Romier summed up the main points in his reply, no need for me to rehash ;).

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I'm fine with the 3rd parties mentioned. Call me crazy, but the pacing has seemed fine for me, as there are too many games in my collection I need to get into.


I'll add that I like how Nintendo is getting some old, reworked titles. Resident Evil & Metal Gear Solid are games I never played. I have RE in my collection, but haven't played it much yet, and will pick up MGS when it's released.


Are there any others that are getting worked over for a release on the Cube?

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