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Romero's fourth dead film finally a go

Jeff W

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May 14, 2004


Fourth Romero Living Dead Flick Given Green Light?

We got word from Horror-Web.com that George Romero's Living Dead flick has been given the go-ahead. A source for Horror-Web says Fox gave the green light May 10 for the fourth dead installment. Still being called Dead Reckoning, they're now actively looking at locations for shooting. Reckoning is said to take place after the events of Day of the Dead.




Granted it's nothing official as of yet but reallyscary is usually a pretty reliable source, I was hoping the Dawn of the Dead remake would get this ball rolling. :D

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We have another name, "Land of the Dead", and a little bit of the story, not much but any info is good news to me, can't wait for this to start shooting.


The movie will take place long after the original trilogy, with the zombies' threat to society significantly reduced. Now they are treated with all the compassion afforded to homeless people, and drag themselves around the streets of a walled city where anarchy reigns on the streets and skyscrapers have been specially fortified to protect the wealthy.


However, a group of scavengers must thwart a plot to overthrow the city's hierarchy while facing another problem: the zombies are mutating into more advanced, more deadly creatures.


You can read the rest of the small article here. You may have to scroll down a bit though.

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Get thee to thy local video rental place, post-haste! I would suggest starting with Romero's trilogy and then checking out the re-makes to Night and Dawn of the Dead, maybe even the Return of the Living Dead series. That would of course entail you putting down City of Heroes for a night or two and we all know that is not going to happen. ;)

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I'll have you know that I am in the middle of watching a movie right now, so my entire existence does not revolve around City of Heroes...just the time that I don't have a headache. ;)


Those are movies that I will have to watch when my wife is out of town, but I'll keep them at the top of my list.

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