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E3 Overall Discussion

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I was at E3 today for about 4 hours. It didn't leave me much time to look around so consequently I couldn't wait in alot of lines to see things like Half-Life 2. Here are some of my impressions:


- It's louder and brighter than ever. My ears are still ringing.


- There was a mini ring set up with scantily-clad women wrestlers for some game called Rumble Roses. From the clips I saw, it kind of looked like DOA with the men replaced with mud.


- 25 to Life (or as they were advertising it, SOCOM meets Boyz 'n the Hood!) looked really fun. The graphics were nothing we haven't seen before but the urban setting pitting the cops vs. the gangstas was a blast.


- NCSoft was showing the City of Villains expansion pack. I got to play in a deathmatch between the heroes and villans in some abandoned city. The graphics were really nice but I couldn't figure out how to use my superpowers and consequently got my ass handed to me by some wannabe Dr. Doom.


- I liked the gameplay and cel-shaded graphics of X-Men Legends. Think Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 or Champions of Norrath set in the X-Men universe.


- The Matrix Online booth was really cool. They had four full-size Agent Smith dummies and Neo's leather outfit. The trailer for the game showing on the big screen looked interesting. The graphics didn't seem to be state of the art, but the game did have alot of patented Matrix moves in it.


- Sony was showing off some new Eye Toy games. I saw one with Sonic in it. I have no idea if that was a game coming out or just some kind of technical demo though.


- Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube looked very nice. I'm not really into those kind of games but the graphics were really impressive.


- Star Wars: Republic Commando looked very good. I'm not into squad-based FPS games but it looked really well done.


- Outrun 2 had really crisp graphics. It definitely seemed to retain the arcade driving experience of the original but with much better graphics.


- Guild Wars looked very interesting. I didn't really have any interest in this game before I saw it but it seemed to have alot of action and it looks like it would be fun to play with alot of people.


- nVidia was showing some footage of Everquest II running on their hardware. The graphics were pretty mind-blowing.


- Mech Assault 2 looked good but it still doesn't convey the sense of scale of being in a large mech.


- I couldn't really see much about Fable other than the fighting aspect of it. The graphics were certainly nice but I'm sure the depth of the game cannot easily be seen in such a brief time.


- There were alot of online-enabled PS2 games.


- EA Sports making Live-enabled games was a pretty big part of the Xbox booth.


- The Lord of the Rings RPG game for the Xbox looked great. I saw a party of the fellowship fighting the Balrog and the heat/smoke/fire graphics for the Balrog were really impressive.


- Crave Entertainment is coming out with a Texas Hold'em poker game. It is online capable and supports the Eye Toy camera to see the other players. They had a cool promotion where if you played their PS2 game, they would give you a coupon for 10,000 chips to play at the No Limit Texas Hold'em table they had set up in their booth.


- I forget which booth it was in, but they had a full-size mock-up of one of Doc Ock's tentacles smashing into some concrete. The thing looked amazing (as did the new Spider-Man 2 trailer).


- Viewtiful Joe 2 looked fantastic. I never played the first one but this one really has me interested.


- There were a ton of military-based FPS games there. I could hardly tell them apart.


- I really like the graphics for Thief on the Xbox. It reminded me alot of Splinter Cell but with a medieval setting.


- The nGage 2 had a pretty big booth. The games didn't look any better than with the nGage 1.


- Unfortunately, I didn't have time to check out Half Life 2, Halo 2, the PSP, or the DS. I'm sure I'll hear enough about these games and devices in the coming months.

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- NCSoft was showing the City of Villains expansion pack. I got to play in a deathmatch between the heroes and villans in some abandoned city. The graphics were really nice but I couldn't figure out how to use my superpowers and consequently got my ass handed to me by some wannabe Dr. Doom.


Jealous. :oops: :tu:

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Did you get a chance to see Full Spectrum Warrior?


I believe I did see that but only very briefly. I wouldn't want to comment on it and actually be confusing it with another in the myriad of military-based games I saw.


I will say that, with few exceptions, the graphics for all the games there were a step, and in some cases, a major leap ahead of today's games. Apparently, the console game developers are still finding some untapped potential in the Xbox/PS2/Gamecube hardware and it bodes well for the next year or so until the new consoles come out. Of course, the PC game developers have the advantage of constantly upgrading hardware so that really isn't an issue for them.

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I can't stand the FF series. Sorry had to say it.


Sure but that is a personal preference. If anything the question that should be asked is why FFXII? I don't think it made too big of a "BAM!" at E3 this year so more than likely it was also a personal preference by these particular editors. Don't quite agree with it but in the end these "Best of" awards will hardly ever find folks with unified opinions. ;)

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Since the show is almost over I thought we should start up a thread. Last year i only had xbox and some thought i was a little biased :-). However i have all 3 systems and ive played all three a lot lately. So i hoped all 3 companies did well.


However once again this year i have to say Microsoft had the best showing. The announcement of EA on live is big even if we already knew it was gonna happen. The demos of Halo 2, Riddick, Doom 3, Mech Assault 2, Conkur, republic commando, SW:battlefront, fable, KOTR2, jade emppire, full spectrum, R63:BA, Ghost Recon 2, and more stole the show for me. And the fact that they are gonna try and have video chat and conferencing for games is something i can not wait to see. They are focused on making the current Xbox better, while making way for the future xbox 2 so when it comes out all these features will be totally ready from the start.


A few things not shown that I hope would be were a Wireless S Controller compatible with live, as well as news on True Fantasy which seems to have dissapeard into the depths of development hell.


Now in a very close second i have to pick Nintendo. They had a excellent lineup this year and blew last years showing out of the water. Metroid, Zelda, Res Evil 4, newPhantasy Star and a few others look like they will be huge hits for GC. However the thing that impressed me the most is the DS. This system has got a lot of Press in the last three days and everything i have seen makes me crave one more and more. The icing on the cake is being able to play online with this thing. Mario Kart online anyone? :tu: I have not read one bad comment about the system from any site ive read news from. If anything people are just wondering the price. Its also gonna beat PSP to the market. Speaking of PSP.


In last place i have to put Sony. I thought there conference was boring as hell. There PSP demo was a little lacking for me. They couldnt even get a proper answer to battery life. I wouldnt be surprised if PSp dosnt come out in the US till next E3. There lineup of developers for the system are impressive though. We can only wait and see. On the PS2 side there are a few games that will be hits for them. Final Fantasy XII, GTA: San Andreas,Devil May cry and im sure im missing a few others.

The one thing that bugged me though is the comment that they are gonna do some memory thing to act like a HD or such. The HD just came out and they are gonna try to use something else. Geez. Also you would think they would be working on Socom 3


*Added* I have to add a few more things i forgot about.


1)Advance Wars for GC-Why did they have to change it. Ive seen some video for it and my hope for this game has totally went to the trash


2)City of Villians -MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM i can not wait for this to come out. Now romier can get our ass's kicked by super heroes instead of sewer monsters


3)Sony except for mentioning how many PS2's have network ability , didnt reveal any plans to make there online services better. It would be nice if the games had voice chat, good lobby systems and so forth for developers to use



Ok what are your opinions. Remember folks everyone has there own opinions so repect em. If i remember anything i forgot ill add it :-)



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Hardware-wise, the PSP tops my list, closely followed by the DS. I have little doubt I'll end up with both.


Software-wise, I'm seriously interested in GT4, and several other games for the PSP, and Forza Motorsport for the Xbox. The new Metroid game looks sweet. Paper Mario looks fun.


But my #1 object of desire right now is the PSP. I don't think battery life is a mystery, it matches the behavior of other portable devices with rotating mechanisms to a "T", the more the mechanism spins, the shorter the battery life. Playing a movie is nearly constant spinning, playing music is less, and playing a game (as long as it doesn't stream data off the disc) less than that. I agree that their press-release was confusing, but not indecipherable.

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Originally posted by CaptDS9E@May 14 2004, 07:18 PM

It wasnt so much the press release Ed. it was the presentatin itself. He kept comparing it to other items, but some of those items have short battery life and other have longer life



Ah, I see. Well, it sounds like they are inept at presentations in general.

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Oh well, I guess my idea of a huge surprise is not the same as that of a bunch of video game editors .


Or they knew about it beforehand.


I'm more interested in the official E3 awards, which I believe this year won't give awards out to videoreel only games?

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Gee, I wonder what I liked? :green:


After the Nintendo showing last year, which my butt could have phoned in, I felt like they came through in spades this time around. I saw so much stuff on display from them that I have every intention of sinking my cash into, including the DS, which I too believed to be some ridiculous gimmick, but now see as a ridiculous gimmick that could actually be used for something.


To me the DS is something that has so much potential. Whether it's realized or not, it's too early to tell, but it has enough that I'm willing to go that route. I recognize a lot of people are jonesing for the PSP, but it's not really my thing. With the exception of the EyeToy, I don't feel Sony has cared much for doing anything different lately, and for me that doesn't really fly.


I definitely felt MicroSoft had the second best showing. Both interesting titles and good Live support were there, two things that are essential for defining the 'Box and making it interesting to this consumer. So big ups to them :tu:.

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Because of the DS Nintendo was #1 for me and MS was second. If it wasn't for the DS I'd say Nintendo and MS tied. Nintendo for the sweet single-player games I love (Paper Mario 2, Pikmin 2, Metroid, Zelda, etc) and MS for the sweet Live games (Halo 2... and, uhhh... who cares what else ;)) and KotOR 2 and Jade Empire.


The DS easily breaks the tie though. The demo games for that thing were the most exciting thing I've seen from an E3 in forever. Pac-Pix may be one of the coolest little games ever. I'm dying to snuggle up in bed with Metroid Prime: Hunters. And almost everything else they showed on the DS has me excited.


As for Sony, I don't own a PS2 and I still don't want one. And I don't want a portable one either. Something about ICO 2 would have thrilled me, and something about GT4's online support (was there anything about that?) might have been nice. MGS3 looks pretty.


Basically, this E3 reminded me why I'm such a Nintendo fanboy :)

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I've downloaded a lot of video in the last few days, and nothing made my jaw drop like the newest Half Life 2 video. What was shown was not a huge revelation as the first videos released last year were mind blowing... but it just looks like it's coming together wonderfully, and the things show last year weren't just gimicks that play great in a trailer. I can't wait for this to come out.


The new Zelda was a great surprise, and I wish it was a little closer. I love Celda, but I love this style too. Some of those enemies look insane.


I was probably most impressed with the DS though. Not that it looks like a must have platform, or that I think it's the coolest device ever. It does look like it could be quite a good little gaming device, but I think everyone was waiting, ready to scoff and proclaim it DOA after the announcement earlier this year... and it didn't happen. If anything, the opposite happened, which must be a great encouragement to Nintendo. They have to keep that momentum up though as Sony didn't exactly drop the ball with the PSP either.


It didn't get any mention here that I saw, but the vids of StarCraft Ghost look like that game is shaping up fairly well too.


I'm not mentioning Halo 2 on purpose.

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I love surprises, so Nintendo took it for me on the consoles. The DS was a huge surprise in that it looks quite good, and the games they've come up with are quite imaginative. The new Zeldas, Metroids, Donkey Kongs and various other things are just icing on the cake.

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