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What is your next Live-enabled FPS?

Beer Monkey

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Counterstrike, baby! I played very heavily on the PC for a couple of years, played in some team tourneys and everything. Got out about 18 months ago because of all the cheating and bullshit and haven't touched it since. I'm itching to get back into it on a level playing field with full voice communication and no cheating (hopefully). That and playing on my sofa on the big screen with surround sound! Made Wolfenstein a dream...

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Probably all of them for me. I was skeptical of XIII til I played it at Lollapalooza. Counterstrike is an obvious must ahve, and as long as raven shield is pretty good, I'll probably bite the bullet and buy that one too. Add in Firewarrior and SOCOM2 for the ps2, and it's gonna be a busy fall for FPS.

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Counter-Strike's a team-based FPS where you play Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists and work as a group to accomplish goals in a set of maps, from bomb defusion to hostage rescue.


One of CS' original conceits is that there is no respawn and realistic damage (not completely, but moreso than other games) so if you get shot a couple times (particularly in the head) you die and you don't come back until the round is over. With most rounds lasting about five minutes this generally isn't a problem, but some people don't like the downtime. I find it really adds to the tension.


Not sure if that helps. It's free still with Half-Life, so you can download it if you own Half-Life. And if you do, we're trying to stir up a little CS action in the Computer forum ;).

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I'm right there with secretvp, LOVED CS back in day - had to leave due to all the whining and cheating. I would walk over hot coals to play DE Dust and Italian Villa on a level playing field with auto-voice chat. Maybe the all around best time I've ever had for online play, ahhh the memories. A good CS server + good people + no cheating = sublime gaming.


I look forward to taking many a fine headshot-raping from the good folks here. Secretvamp, is that your XBL tag? I'd love to send you an invite to prepare for the eventual carnage.


Jason - It'll run, but be prepared for the cheating and whining you will inevitably encounter. All that will be gone with XBL (hopefully)...

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