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Miyamoto regains focus


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If you're like me you may have been a little bewildered about Nintendo's use of Miyamoto's talents in the Gamecube era. He has been too involved assisting 2nd & 3rd party development and in more of a management role than a fully creative one.

If this report from CGV is accurate it sounds like Nintendo has recognized this error and is putting Miyomoto back in the creative trenches -where he belongs.



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I think that quote may be accurate because I'm sure I've seen a similar statement from a different source.


Smart move, Nintendo seems to be getting its brains together again. I wonder if Yamauchi's retirement spurred this on at all? I got the impression he was a bit off by the end of things.


But Miyamoto not doing software work is like hiring Michaelangelo to run your lemonade stand :P.

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This was mentioned by Miyamoto himself during the Zelda Q&A last wednesday.


Actually, things are really going great for me, I'm really enjoying work and a part of a great situation at Nintendo. My work has been divided up a little bit recently. And I'm sure you all know that the president Mr. Iwata has been in development for some time and last year he has been taking a look at Nintendo's internal development and made some changes to our structure. We've been trying to break up the molds of all of our producers at Nintendo.


We have our own internal first party development studio. We also have second party development studios which are games that are developed outside of Nintendo but published by Nintendo. We also have games produced by third parties. We've seen the number of second party developed titles increase dramatically. And because of that increase in second party development, the number of titles I was overseeing had increased as well. And every day I'd get countless documents on my desk that I'd have to put my stamp of approval on just to disperse money to our second parties. [laughs] So, as of last year I have been put in charge of first party content exclusively. And that's where my focus is now. We've also opened an EAD studio in Tokyo. That studio has been responsible for Donkey Kong Jungle Beat which is available for play on the show floor.



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I, too, am happy to hear that Miyamoto will be getting back into the trenches, so to speak. His ablities are best served in the creation of great games, not in overseeing a dozen titles at a time. Oh, what I wouldn't give to see him as the director of the next Zelda game. He hasn't directed one since Ocarina of Time, and I'd like to see what new ideas he would add to the mix. (Although I must admit that the idea of fighting while riding on horseback - an idea that supposedly came from him - is very cool!)

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