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FT: A few worthwhile but worthless games


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Here's a few games I know I will never play again, but would fetch next to nothing as trade in, so I'd rather swap 'em instead:




Silent Hill 2 (Traded to Joel)

Ghost Recon

Grabbed by The Ghoulies







So maybe you've wanted to try on of these, but never got around to buying. Let me know what equally worthless games you've got and let's trade.


I will consider all platforms including GBA.




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I'd like to try Silent Hill, so if your interested I have these good-but-worthless games,...


Xbox games

James Bond 007: Nightfire

Rallisport Challenge

Jet Set Radio Future/Sega GT 2002 (dual disk)

ESPN Football 2003


If you want to swap any of these games let me know Carlos.


In fact, this is a good idea for a pinned thread,.... if anyone else is interested in these games and has anything good-but-worthless let me know and post'em here!

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Trading Joel SH2 for 007:Nighfire. All the others are still up for grabs.


C'mon everyone. Post your junk and let's keep the swap meet going. Don't let EB, GameCrazy, and Gamestop gyp you for only a few bucks when you can get a whole game in trade.




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I have a few older PC titles that I would willingly trade.


Hasbro Monopoly (advertises internet play, I've never installed it)

Harbinger (sci-fi Diablo clone. Good looking and enjoyable, single player only)

Dark Earth (includes manual, no box)

Myst (disc, case, insert only)

Riven: Myst II (discs, case, insert only)

Myst III: Exile (box and all orignal materials)

Warcraft III with strategy guide (OEM disc with valid CD-Key, used on Battle.Net once)

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