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Constructive thoughts on building community

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Why not use our powers for good and not evil? What are your constructive thoughts on building and maintaining community?


Please keep in mind:


1. Let's avoid naming names when it comes to people who are not present and can't defend themselves. Further, let's assume that lcvg is a fresh start for everyone -- let's give certain folks another bite at the apple to show they be good members of this community.


2. Please, let's not turn this into a bitchfest about how other sites are run and keep in mind that the discussion is just that -- discussion. Rules come from lcvg's owners, not general consensus in a topic started by Robot Monkey.



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Funny you mention those two, Allen. They both feature prominently in my Field Guide to Pest Posts (entries 1331 and 10-04, respectively).


Here's a question to get you guys going:


Obviously, a site needs to be accessible to new members. But old members understandably don't want to see the same threads and questions popping up over and over again. So we reply to these things with a curt "Use the search function" or "Read the FAQ" or "RTFM".


How do you avoid repetitive threads without turning off newcomers?



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